Here is where I type a bunch of stuff about myself as if anyone cares.  People want content, right?  They don’t want to know whether I have a GED or if I graduated Cum Laude from Montgomery County Community College.  Neither of those things are true, but would it make a difference?  We want to talk about games!

So I’ll make it quick:  Accountant by day, father by evening, gamer by night, comedian by weekend, gamer by weekend night.  Husband in-between all of that.  My passion is knowing things about boardgames and talking about them.  I’m also passionate about roleplaying games, but it’s hard to have a one-sided discussion about those, so I think I’ll stick to boardgames for now.  The idea for this blog came from a few posts I made on Boardgamegeek wherein I “taught” difficult games by playing them solo and typing out, step-by-step, everything I was doing and why I was doing them.

Turns out, people liked them.  So I thought I would do some more of them in a centralized place.  My first posts would just be copies of those posts, but I would do other plays, as well as other “very wordy” things as I think of them.

Like this intro, for instance.

I’ll try to do them weekly or so and figure out a regular schedule.  Who knows, I’ve never tried this kind of thing before.  But if you like games ranging from High Frontier by Sierra Madre games to Myth by Megacon to Enemy Coast Ahead: The Dambuster Raid by GMT games to Arkham Horror by Fantasy Flight Games, then sit back and prepare to read a whole lot of words.