Hey!  It’s a-me!

I know I’ve been gone since Thanksgiving.  As many roleplayers know, the holidays can ruin a campaign, and I guess this blog can be viewed as a campaign.

But here I am, making a new character and it’s just like my old character!

I’m currently in the middle of playtesting the second edition of Bios: Megafauna and it’s been difficult as there are a LOT of moving parts and getting them all together is not easy.  When things are a bit better, I’ll try to post about it here.

Also, the physical version of High Frontier is REAL, and is REALLY at my house.  I’ve already played a game and a half (the half game kept me up well past my bedtime, I had to adult and quit midgame), and I love it.  So far I’ve noticed only one misprinted card, and it’s no big deal.  Get itPlay it Love it.


I’m going to try and post more.  Stay tuned.  Thanks for looking.