Let’s get to turn 2. This should be a little less typing intensive as I won’t be doing anything different than last turn, though I might be thinking out loud (out read? Out typed?) more.

So we start with 60 Rps again. My security level is only at 5 (2 for turns, 1 for the extra resources last turn, 4 for my grounds crew, minus 2 for my extra police) which is still considered “Low,” so more money probably won’t hurt. However I’ll want to get more Groundcrew because I really need to get going on my modifications. I think, however, that if I’m able to get back on track with those modifications, I can transfer 57 squadron and that will squash any security problems I may generate.

So I’ll Requisition a few more dollars (pounds?):

1d6: 3 – odd – 20 extra. Darn. We’ll see where that gets me this turn. Remember, I’m shooting to get in the air next turn.

I can’t buy more aircrew, buy I can get more groundcrew, and I need those last two, so I spend 8 to pick them up. Total: 72. Now I have to put some of them in charge of a) more planes and b) Purchasing Upkeep to install on said planes. We currently have 9 operational planes and no upkeep. We have the aircrew for 15 planes, so ultimately 15 planes and 15 upkeep would be nice (extra padding would be ideal). So I drop my highest level groundcrew down to get his Handle limit in supplies (10). I’ll get 5 planes and 5 Upkeep. Still short on Upkeep, but even with the damaged plane, I have the number I need. With luck, I’ll only need one groundcrew to get the weapons I need to start my mission next turn. Total: 62.

With Security, if you recall, I can flip a counter and THEN place a counter, so I will flip the extra Police counter (which apparently you can’t do in the Vassal version, weird). Anyway, for 5 RP I get the transfer the barmaid, it only gives me 1 more shift on security, but I’ll take what I can get. And then I will place the Tirpitz rumor. It’s free. I’m broke.

So this is what I have for now:

And now we move on to training. Again, I’m going to drop a “Bad” groundcrew onto the square that would give me a -1 if I didn’t do that.

After last turn, I now have a +1 to Navigation training because we have detailed maps of the various coastlines. Training in it now would be foolish. I’m going to choose Bomb-Aiming & Release for my second choice because getting as many bonuses to that roll are nice, and right now, only my vets are getting any, so let’s move those up.

Green – 3+1 – Move up one level
Seasoned – 5+1 – Move up two levels check for damage – 2 – even – plane damaged – draw Elite crewman
Veteran – 2+1 – Move up one level

Green – 1 – Crash – Destroy one plane – 1 – odd – Remove 1 aircrew
Seasoned – 1 – roll again – 2 – even – damaged plane
Veteran – 4 – Move up two levels

What’s missing from this picture is the Wing Commander I got, which gives me a 1 use reroll during the mission.

Don’t know if it was worth it.

This is where I start to develop my ulcer. So now I have 57 RP and 4 available groundcrew. I still want to do some Recon, but even if I did all the dams and all the zones, that would be 23 points. I wouldn’t mind having more points next turn to buy more planes and Upkeep and….where’s my Pepto?

Okay, I still have 11 available planes. I can fix them next turn.I’ll put a 4 erk guy on the radio, a 4 AND a 5 on the Altimeter, and a another 4 on the Bombsite.

Now how much to spend.

My kingdom for being able to spend after you roll, but nooooooo. Okay, I need one six, to get true 1 and 6 I would need to spend 2 Rps. Seems reasonable. I want to hedge my bets a little, though. I’ll put another 3 down, 5 total. That leaves me with 52 RPS and rolling 9 dice for 1 ‘6’. Alea Ecto Plasm.

9d6 – 4,1,2,5,2,6,5,4,2 – Wow. Glad I spent some cash on that. There are some mean dice in this randomizer.

Next is the Altimeter. This is what allows me to draw Altitude chits when flying. Without these, I can get, at max, +4 to my bombing roll for good flying (I can get other bonuses, but considering I need to roll a 15, a +8 would be nice). I’m already rolling 9 dice, but I need 2 ‘6’s. After that last roll, spending a few points isn’t a bad idea, but not many. I’ll spend 3 to get an even dozen. It’s divisible by six, that’s good luck, right? Total now: 49

12d6: 1,3,3,3,3,3,5,6,6,1,2,6 – Attention all statisticians. Take a look at me. Anyway, there’s my altimeter (which are actually Aldis Lights).

And finally the bomb site. I only have 4 dice at this point. I’m happy with what I have and I know I have a lot to do with the money I have left over. I don’t want to go overboard since I’ll have some time next turn to try, too. I think I’ll drop 5, which gives me 9 dice. Still gives me some odds, but I’m not selling myself short, either. Total now: 44.

9d6: 5,4,5,6,5,6,3,1,3 – Maybe I should have done this strategy last turn and just cranked them all out right away? Of course, I would have spent all my cash on Groundcrew. Would a good strategy to be just get all your cash up front and just hedge your bets right away? I dunno, but I’m glad all that’s over.

So let’s spend 15 points to get to level 2 on all 3 zones, bringing me down to 29 points. Then 3 on the 3 dams I looked at before, and 2 more on the Ennepe and Bever dams, because a good target of last resort is nice to have, and yes, Diemel and Leister are 4 points, but I’m not so sure I’ll be able to get everyone into the Weser zone very well at this point. If they go that far, they’ll go for Eder, and that’s it. I’m down to 22 points, which isn’t bad for the end of the turn.

Let’s go down the list and see what we find.

Eder is first
All I’m rolling for is the water level, which will have +2 for being on turn 2.
1d6 – 5 – Full – Okay, this dam is now the perfect target.

Flak – it was level 4(!) – 5 – Now it’s 0!
Water level – 6 – Full – Now this is a perfect target as well

Flak – 1 – Level 4
Searchlights – 3 – Level 1
Balloons – 4 – None
Water level – 3 – High – Yuck

Flak – 1 – Level 4 (oh come on!)
Searchlights – 1 – Level 2
Balloons – 4 – None
Water level – 4 – Full

Flak – Currently 2 – 1 – Stays at 2
Searchlights – Currently 2 – 6 – Goes away
Balloons – Currently 1 – 6 – Goes away
Water level – Currently rising – moves to High

I’m very glad I’m recording everything because when I opened up the file this afternoon, some of my markers were in different places, notably my RP request chit was on the ‘9’. I know I was griping about money, but I don’t think I went THAT far. So if any of ya’ll are playing this using Vassal, make sure to check your save files for any inconsistencies.

We now start turn 3 of planning. Originally I was going for this to be my final turn, but training has not been going according to plan. My Seasoned pilots are at ‘0’s in both Altitude & Speed AND Bomb-Aiming & Release. Normally I wouldn’t worry too much as I could fix that this turn before mission time, but I also have my Veterans (who would be my flight leaders) sitting on ‘9’s as their Nav Skills, and hoping for a 9 on all my Coordination checks will result in a lot of planes getting lost on the way to their targets.

Well, nothing for it but to press on, and see where I stand at the end of this turn. I’m not going to ask for more money as I still have 22 Rps left over from last turn (the bad save file had me at 44, I liked that), which I hope to be enough to do a little recon on the most important dams, buy the extra munitions I need and fix my damaged planes.

Firstly, I put a groundcrew down to purchase the 10 Upkeep I’ll need to fill out my outfit. Sadly due to the plane I lost last turn, I’ll be left with only 14 planes and that’s really one more Upkeep than I need, but it’s always good to have padding as we will see. I have 12 Rps now.

For security, I’ll spend another 5 to do the full on Tirpitz Ruse, that’s a d3 drop in security risk, which is nice.

Now for training. Commence crossing of fingers

Another groundcrew goes down to eliminate any negative modifier. Let’s start with Navigation where I get a +1

Green – 1+1 – Nothing
Seasoned – 1 + 1 – Nothing (!)
Veteran – 4 + 1 – Move forward 2 (Nav skill now 7)

Altitude and Speed (with +1 because of Aldis Lights)

Green – 3 + 1 – Move forward 1 – Still 1 chit
Seasoned – 5 + 1 – Move forward 2 – Damage 1 plane – Draw Elite Crew (Navigator)
Veteran – 3 + 1 – Move forward 2 – Drawing 2 chits now

So I have 7 Rps, I should fix my 4 planes now. That will leave me with 3, which I can use to do more recon on some dams. I’d like to look at Mohne again to remove some flak and raise the water level,
and then Ennepe and Bever since those are both awful, too.

Flak – Currently 2 – Remains
Water level – Currently high – Rises to Full

Flak – Currently 4 – Drops to 3
Searchlights – Currently 2 – Drops to 0

Flak – Currently 4 – Remains
Searchlights – Currently 1 – Drops to 0
Water level – Currently high – Remains

So now I have to make the choice. Do I start the mission? I have 3 groundcrew I can add to handle the aircraft and ordinance checks, and also add some fatigued groundcrew if I want to (which I probably will) moving them down to help me try and get all 15 crews into the air. Odds are it’ll be closer to a dozen, but that’s still a good amount of planes, 3 flights of 4 can still cause some damage.

Sadly odds are good that my Green pilots will get lost on the way as a Nav skill of 9 is pretty rough. Having a Vet as a Leader will give the wave a +1, but that means a 8 for the Coordination check, and then a 7 for the wave leader to hold everything together.

Here’s the biggest thing for me, if I leave now, I’ll need to roll a ‘6’ to find the Mohne, otherwise it’s an ‘8’. Most other dams I’d roll a ‘7’ instead of a ‘9’. That can make or break a mission.

Am I rushing it if I go now? Where’s my Alka-seltzer?