It is now one o’clock, and all is better than it was an hour ago. We have one dam breached, and another being strafed ineffectually. But we still have others flying over enemy territory, so we have to follow along with them and see how they’re doing. If Wave one can make it to the Eder and take it down, I will have what will amount to quite the successful mission, I believe.

So we start with Coordination Checks. Remember those? I need to try and keep my first wave together as they go deeper into enemy territory. Sadly the worst crew’s skill is 9, because we’re still flying with the unfit crew, but we have +1 due to my Veteran leader. I could drop a Very Light to get another +1, but that would add another Hazard marker. I’m seeing they’ll be drawing 3 dark blue hazards this turn (2 for being in the Weiser, +1 for the Alert level being at 1 now), so I’d rather not raise that up since I’m only going to be getting rid of two of those hazards. So I’m going to need an 8+ to get my planes coordinated.

Rolling: 10

Phew. It was a risk, but I made it. Now we move onto the Wireless Telegraphy Phase since there’s no more Coordinating to do. The only plane I need to talk to is AJ-F, which I need to assign to a new dam. If you remember, it used to be a part of Wave 3, so it’s still trying to fly to Mohne dam. Of course, he’s missing at the moment, but he may find his way back, so I’m going to try and get him to change his Primary target to the Sorpe and meet up with the second wave. It’s a shot in the dark and you have to roll 8 or better, but otherwise I’m wasting a bunch of turns as he flys around aimlessly, eventually going to the Ennepe which he’ll never be able to take down by himself. So let’s talk.

Rolling: 6 – Misinterpreted. Uh oh, he misheard. Howso:
Rolling: 4 – Dam with highest Recon level.

Which is, of course, the Mohne. Great. Oh well, I tried. So now we move, the First Wave heads into the Weser section and poor ol’ AJ-D with the compass card, faulty controls and the broken radio heads for home. That’s all that moves as the missing box and RTB boxes don’t move. Now Nav checks.

Let’s chcek on our AJ-F in the missing box. It may be headed to the wrong dam, but let’s see if it makes it at all. It’s a base 8, with a -1 for it’s map error. So I need a 9+. Ick.

Rolling: 10.

It moves out of the box into the flight zone. There’s a part of me that would have rather he get lost and head home. Now lets check on our First Wave. I have an elite navigator, so that pumps up our base of 7 with a +1. So I only need a 6.

Rolling: 6

And we’re good. I like saying that. I could get used to it.

But now the bad part. Hazards. AJ-F, all by its lonesome is getting 3 light blue, while the First wave is getting 3 dark blue.

Luckily I get to remove 2 in each zone, so I only have to deal with 1 hazard a piece. I end up with two ‘?’ hazards since I don’t want a Nightfighter to destroy my lone plane, and flak can easily destroy my plane while map errors can be much more forgiving.

Let’s see what hits our lone plane in the Ruhr area.

Searchlights! Another Nav check as the plane scrambles…..again. Base 8, -1 for map error, -1 for searchlights. I need a 10, or back to the missing box it goes. I guess their nose art shouldn’t have been the fluorescent target.

Rolling: 3

My eyes audibly roll, which I may want to see a doctor about. I now but that one dark blue hazard on my unfit crew and flip it over to find…Searchlights! Whaddyaknow? Base 7 +1 for Elite Navigator, -1 for searchlights.

Rolling: 4

Formation Compromised, because god forbid I can make a coordinated entry. Speaking of which, it’s Target Acquisition phase, so I can move the First Wave into the Eder box. It has total recon of 4, so they need a 7 to find the thing.

Rolling: 3

Woof. I’m out of high rolls, it seems. I can try a Persistent Attempt, however, if I fail, one plane gets kicked out of my wave. If that happens, that’s another hazard I have to pull next turn, so I’ll just sit and wait as it’s only flight turn 5. I’ve got some time before dawn to find the dam. I hope.

Now back to the Target Map phase where we can zoom back into the Sorpe and try to drop that last Upkeep.

I have to make another Visability check, but this time I’m at -1 as the odds of it being foggy are getting greater as dawn approaches.

Rolling: 10

Should have saved that roll for my persistent attempt. Yeah, because that’s how math works. So it’s still clear at the dam. Hmmm, now that I think about it, I probably should have wired to this plane to pick a different dam. If both planes had gone to the Ennepe, I may have pulled something off. Oh well.

So AJ-H starts it’s new run, let’s check that attack vector. It already has an approach observed marker, so that’s good.

Rolling: 3 S

So 1 Speed, but 3 Altitude due to the Elite Navigator on board. Let’s see how they do: Speed: 231mph Altitude: 65ft Meh. Not all that great. We’ll just have to fly closer and get a better speed, huh?

Nope, no better speed. Let’s give up the approach observed marker and really try for it. Again, no better. Again we pull up and get the dummy run marker. Of course, you also may remember that there’s a Nightfighter Nearby token left over from last time, as well as 2, yes 2, Very Light Flare markers left over. Not good, but not much I can do about it. The dam is pretty much written off at this point, they’re just finishing their mission parameters. So the Nightfighter will go away on an 8, and attack on a 2-5. Yuck.

Rolling: 7

It sticks around, but nothing bad happens. I’ll take it. Now to check for those two Very Lights.

The older: 1-3: It’s out.
The Newer: 3-2: Still on.

And we move on to another run. Let’s check our Attack Vector:

Rolling: 6

Oooo, 2 pulls for Speed and 3 for Altitude! Let’s see how that goes! 53Ft at 227mph. Not all that great. Man. That Nightfighter is going to get me at this rate. Let’s move in close and try to fix that altitude. 65Ft is a whole lot better. So I’m only pulling 2 for each trait, but I think I’m going to drop my Upkeep now. Why? Because I won’t be dropping 10 damage with one mine, so I’m just going through the motions and I want to get these folks home in one piece. Is it possible I drop it really badly and damage the plane? Yes, but 2 pulls each isn’t too bad and it’s better than risking that Nightfighter over and over.

Let’s see how he dropped it: Currently 56ft and 220mph, I’ll use my dummy run marker to fix the altitude. 60Ft! Perfect!

+8, +1 for vet. Now let’s check for late release:

Rolling: 4 no effect.

So +9 total. I can’t damage my own plane. Excellent. Now let’s see if we hit!

Rolling: 8. It’s a hit!

In the Circling phase, we move everyone to Moving Far because I’m not really worried about how much damage I did. Again, I can’t do 10. We’ll see how I did during Morning Recon. But Walker, that Navigator, sure knows what he’s doing. Raise another glass.

Status check. Let’s see if that Nightfighter noticed the explosion:

Rolling: 8 He left! And just to be kosher, I’ll check for the Very Light.

Rolling: 4-3: It stays on, just to taunt them.

I now move the three planes as a Wave to the RTB box. Alive and well, which I honestly wasn’t expecting all that much. At least we damaged the dam, that’s got to be worth something to the suits back home, right?

Back to the Flight map we see the Cleanup phase which doesn’t mean anything as we didn’t breach any new dam, nor can we lower any Activity levels since everything is still tied at 4. Not that it matters, again, but there you go.

It’s 2am. Do you know where your kids are?

Let’s get that first wave coordinated. Again.

And Again.

Again, it’s 9 +1. I’m not going to drop a Very Light because we’re so dang close that I don’t need more flak and searchlights coming after us. I need an eight. Oh please, oh please, oh please.

Rolling: 3


This could be bad.

Back to the Wireless. I can’t get our lost plane again (it has a “Wireless misinterpreted” chit on it now) because we assume it heard us right, so there’s nothing I can really say at this point, so that phase gets passed with a sigh. We’ll just thinking about something nice, like what Koinsky sees outside of her window. Or in her dreams, probably.

So the Move phase. Which is….nothing. We’ve got one in the missing box, and one in the zone it’s supposed to be in. We must be nearing the end of the game.

Navigation now, let’s check on our missing plane. Again. Base 8 -1 for map error. Glad I have a moon. I need a 9 or I roll on the Lost table.

Rolling: 6

And he’s finally gone. Let’s see what happens. -1 for being in the Ruhr zone.

Rolling: 7-1: Returns Damaged. Our first plane home. Love it.

Now to check our Compromised First Wave. 7 + 1.

Rolling: 4

Oh come on!

Fine, the Unfit Crew is separated again. I blame them for everything.

Now we’re on hazards, and we’re pulling 5. Not a fan of that. Here we go.

That’s a bit intimidating.

Let’s get that flak and searchlight out of there. Which leaves a ‘?’ for our unfit crew and our two planes following our brave leader. Let’s check on our unfit crew first.

Crash! Since it’s already damaged, there’s no need to roll a die. There is no Veteran on board, so there can’t be a Veteran save either. The Unfit crew hits a church steeple and explodes. Sometimes it just happens. They had it coming. They should have paid more attention in training. They paid for it. They paid too much for it.

Now AJ-L, the other Seasoned crew that’s in the First Wave: Searchlights! We need to check the other Hazard first, because if it’s flak or more searchlights, they’ll stack and make for a really difficult situation.

AJ-N is a Veteran crew with an Elite Pilot, and they are dealing with a….map error. Not good for Navigation. Which we need for this Searchlight.

So Base 7 + 1, -2 now for the map error and the searchlight.

Rolling: 9

Just made it. The light goes back in the cup, but the map error stays. That could have gone much worse, but I would still have preferred 4 planes, even with one terrible crew. Now we have to see if they can find the dam. Still need a 7. The odds are technically in my favor, but I’m not feeling optimistic after the way things have been going.

Rolling: 6

Now do I go for a persistent attempt? I don’t know if I can survive another round of hazards. I also have visibility to take into account. I’m -1 to visibility rolls, and next turn that will turn to -2, leading to much more fog to deal with. Gah! I don’t know. If I fail the persistent attempt, I for sure won’t survive the hazard phase of next turn and I might as well write off this dam.

I know you can’t tell by this post, but I’ve literally have been sitting here for about 4 minutes just staring at the screen, internally debating on whether to roll again or not. This is what this game does to me.

2 more minutes have passed, and I’m going for it.

Rolling: 10

Oh thank god. I was going to be kicking myself for the rest of this game if I screwed that up. So let’s drop that Very Light to help with that Uncoordinated Entry. Sadly, due to the map error, all that does is give me a net zero.

AJ-L: 5
AJ-N: 6
AJ-J: 1

Looks like my wing leader was the first to get there, but his wingmen are far, far behind. You have to work with what you have, though, so here we go. Let’s check for visibility at -1:

Rolling: 12

Nice and clear to start with. Now surprise. Only a +1 on the water level, so we need to check for that.

Rolling: 6

Okay, no draining. And they’ve done some changes if I roll 4 on 2d6 with a -1. Which the way I like to roll 4s and 3s seems really freaking likely.

Rolling: 4

See? SEE? Son of a….Now you know how imporant security is. Even a -1 did me in here. Crap, crap, crap, crap.

Flak: 3 – +1
Searchlights: 6 – 0 but place Nightfighter Nearby marker.
Balloons: 1 +2

Ack! Balloons in both boxes. I’m going to have to spend a whole lot of time shooting. This is just. Not. Good.

Since I start in the Circling Far box, I have to check for Nightfighters before I can start Turn 2 and do an actual run. It starts nearby and activity level is 1 due to that first Very Light I dropped. So it will leave on a roll of 6+.

Rolling: 7

Okay. Now for the enormously difficult task of taking on all the new defenses they put up after we did our recon.

But there’s nothing to it just to do it, so let’s fly down there and shoot those balloons away. For the sake of fairness, I make an attack vector check anyway:

Rolling: 1 – SSM

Good thing I’m not planning on dropping anything. I’ve also got my Aldis Lights off, so there you go. No chits. But here comes the flak. It’s only level 1, but even low odds are still odds.

Rolling: 3

For the sweet….I have no chits to forfeit, so no Evasive Actions for me. Crap. So I take some damage. Boom.

Now to get closer so I can start shooting.

I’ll draw a speed chit just because. 227Mph. Not bad. And more flak:

Rolling: 4 (2,2)

Are you effing kidding me? Let me roll again now.

Rolling: 6

Okay, so now I can try Evasive Action after all. I give up my chit and I now only have a 50% chance of blowing up.

Rolling: 6 even. I’m good.


Now I can shoot at the balloons.

Rolling: 4 Miss.

And I pull up so I don’t hit the first balloons. This is going to take a while folks. Get comfortable.

Again, I have to check for Nightfighters, and also check for my Very Light which is doing me no good. But first, the Nightfighter.

Rolling: 6

None around.

And the Very Light:

Rolling: 2-2: It’s out.

Turn 3, let’s see if we get luckily. Approach vector:

Rolling: 6

220mph. Not bad for someone only planning on shooting stuff. Here comes the flak:


Okay, moving in closer. Altitude to 56ft. More flak incoming.

Rolling: 5,4. These are the results I’ve been hoping for.

Now to take down the balloons.

Rolling: 5 Drat. I have to take down the balloons in the climb box at least if I’m going to drop any mines, so I’m going to have to keep trying this. Pulling up.

Nighfighter check: 9

New Visibility check: 7-1: Clear

We still only have the Wave Leader at the dam, but our second will be arriving next turn. With luck, I’ll pop the balloon in the climb box by then so I can drop the Upkeep and fly support for him when he arrives, but luck seems to have all been spent at the Mohne dam recently, but dwelling on the past won’t help our pilots. Let’s start turn 4’s run.

Approach Vector: 3 SSM

Yuck. Altitude is 56ft which isn’t bad, but can’t get a hold on speed at that vector. And we all know what that sound means.

Flak: 3,1

Noooooooooooooo! If you remember, we’re already damaged from last time, so this will mean death for our humble plane even before it gets a shot off. Now for some Evasive Action. I forfit my altitude chit and rub my foot. I have no rabbits foot, so my own will have to do.

Rolling: 2: even: the hit is nullified!

Ah, My Left Foot. Always good in a pinch. They should make a movie out of it. Moving in closer:

Altitude now 65ft. Flak ahead.

Rolling: 3,5 Safe now.

Firing at Balloons.

Rolling: 2! A hit! The Balloons in the climb box are removed! If I wanted to, I could drop the upkeep now, but with all the crap I’ve had, I’d rather pull up now (still can’t get in the close box as there’s still Balloons there) and really go for it. So back up and with a dummy run marker.

Nightfighters: 6 Nope.

I can move on to turn 5, where AJ-L, a regular Seasoned aircrew shows up in the Circling Far box. Okay, new Run, and this time, for realsies.

Appraoch Vector: 2 SSM

Grrrrrrr. Altitude 53ft. Might pull up already as this really doesn’t seem worth following through on, though getting close enough to shoot at the flak is probably worth it. Speaking of flak.

Rolling: 2,3

These guys have really good eyesite. Just missed me.

I’ll move in closer so I can get a shot off at them. Let’s check my speed. 216Mph. I’ve had worse. I’ll dump my dummy run marker to fix my altitude. And that did nothing. Drat. Won’t be the run for me, but I have to dodge another round of flak.

Rolling: 2,5

But now I shoot back.

Rolling: 2

So close.

Pulling up, and moving my far plane to the Circling Near box. I have to make another visibility check at -2, so I’m debating dropping a Very Light at this point. The Activity level is only 1 at this point (from the balloon destruction) so adding another one shouldn’t affect things. I’ll do it. Let’s see about that visibility, shall we?

Rolling: 5-2: Fog

It was nice while it lasted. Now Nightfighters.

Rolling: 7

And we’re onto turn 6 where my last plane arrives in the circling far box. And this one has the good pilot who rolls 2 dice for the vector approaches. But for now, I’m sticking with the Wave leader who has his dummy run marker. Back into the trenches with you!

Approach Vector: 2 SSM AA

For pete’s sake! I’m only pulling one Altitude chit, and that’s only because of my one flare. Yikes. This is going to be a tough nut to crack, even if it only needs 6 damage. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming….

65ft, very close to perfect. But flak can put an end to that.

Rolling: 4,4

Rolling again: 6,2

Moving in closer. Speed 216mph. Again very close to perfect. I could choose to drop now just so I can get an escort for other runs while that flak is there. Of course, if I hit the mountain behind the dam (the ‘M’ in the Approach Vector chart) I won’t be doing much escorting. So many decision points in a game many call procedural and simulation…

Flak: 1,3

Noooooooooo!!! (Agggaaaiiinnn!!!) I have to ditch my speed chit to dodge another bullet. Looks like I won’t be dropping at all. Again!

Rolling: 4: Even: Hit nullified.
I have cheated death so much with this plane. I’m wearing the skin on my foot raw. But good ol’ Tootsie works again. They should make a movie about that.

Now to fire back.

Rolling: 6. Drat.

Pulling up. I’m droping another Very Light in the Circling phase and also brining my last plane to the Circling Near box. We’re all in this together now.

Nightfighters: 4!

Attacks: 6 Nightfighter now nearby (activity level is at 3)

Very Light: 5-1: We’re still good.

Turn 7. 2:45am and things are still shakey. I was hoping the popping of the balloon would lead to a tidal change in my favor, but needing a 4+ in approaches for any kind of draw is a real hindrance.

Oh crap.

I just realized I’ve been cheating.

I’ve only been rolling 2d6 for the flak when I should be rolling 3d6 since I turned my Aldis lights on. Mind you, I’m still rolling 4 far more often than I should, so I’ll take it, but still. I also haven’t been dropping Upkeep, so I haven’t used that to my advantage either. Dang. Sorry folks. I’m sure amongst all the errors I’ve done this game, this will be the only one I find. So keep your eyes peeled.

Meanwhile…back to the game. I need to start another run, so let’s get to it.

Approach Vector: 5 SA

Finally. That’s doable. Altitude: 60ft Speed 227mph Great so far! But now johnny lowers the boom.

Flak: 2,3,1

Of course it is. There goes my speed chit to evade again. Will my luck hold out?

Rolling: 3: odd: hit stands.

Plane destroyed. I was stretching my luck enough as it was. I had a feeling that would happen. I can still do 6 damage with two mines. I won’t drop another Very Light because we’re at 4 Activity and that’s the next tier where the odds of the nearby Nightfighter attacking are getting higher. I do check visibility again, though.

Rolling: 6-2: Still foggy.

Won’t Daredevil be proud? Now the Nightfighter check. Activity is 1 for the popped balloon, +2 for the two Very Lights, +1 for the destroyed Lancaster.

Rolling: 9

Phew. I needed a high roll there. The Nightfighter vanishes. Now to check my flares.

Older: 3-2
Newer: 6-1

Both are fine. Turn 8 now. I’m dropping AJ-L in because they are “only” the Seasoned crew and I hope to be able to shoot down the flak (or have it blow up from the upkeep explosion) before I risk my excellent Pilot. So away we go.

Approach Vector: 4 SA

Seasoned only gets one chit anyway, so I can only check Altitude: 56ft. Not bad. Now the flak:

Rolling: 1,2,6

Why am I going against the Iron Cross bearing gunners? Away goes the altitude chit.

Rolling: 2: even: hit nullified

Moving closer. Checking speed. 227Mph. Not bad, again. Still not going to drop at this point, though.

Flak: 6,6,2

Doubles: 6,4

Now that’s what’s supposed to happen, dangit. Now let’s fire back.

Rolling: 6

Wrong side of the die. Pulling up to get the dummy run marker. Checking again for Nightfighters.

Rolling: 5 Just missed it.

Older Very Light: 6-3
Newer VL: 3-2

Everything’s fine. We have to move back to the flight turn, though. We make it to the cleanup phase and I see that we’re again tied with every dam being at 4 Activity, so I can’t lower the Activity here. I kind of wish a flare had gone out, then I could have lowered the Activity to 2. Oh well, I don’t think Nightfighters are going to be the end of me, I think it will be that flak. Everything about the next Flight turn is ignored as the only feasable pieces are currently on the Target map, so I just jump back there, but it’s now 3am. The same -2 visibility modifier applies. Speaking of which, I have to check that now.

Rolling: 9-2: Ooo, we hit a clear spot! Back into the trenches!

Approach Vector: 5 S

Altitude: 54ft. Meh.

Flak: 1,4,2

Crap. Altitude chit gone.

Rolling: 3 odd. Hit stands.

Move closer check speed. 216Mph, pretty good.

Flak: 3,2,5

I’m good, firing back.

Rolling: 6

Using dummy run marker for altitude. 70ft. Not good enough, pulling up.

Nightfighters: 8

Old VL: 6-4
New VL: 5-3

As you see, sometimes you can just motor through Attack phases. I’m changing tactics now. Clearly even level 1 flak is deadly with Aldis lights on, so I’m turning them off and just going down to shoot it down. There’s no point in trying to bomb when I have to give up a chit almost every time. So as I start turn 2, that’s what I’ll do.

Approach Vector: 4 S

Sadly that means no chits at all. I’ll use my dummy run marker to get a speed chit at least, just for evasion purposes.216mph. Not bad.

Flak: 2,5

Moving closer: Speed stays the same.

Flak: 6,2

Firing back: 1!

The flak is gone! HOOOOOOORRRRAAAAYYYYY!!!!!

Pulling up. Now we can do this for realsies. But first:

Nightfighters: 9

Old VL: 5-5: Out
New VL: 4-4: Out

Turn 3 new run with Aldis lights on. Let’s rock this.

Approach Vector: 2 SSM

At least I have altitude. And I’ll use my dummy run marker for speed. Altitude: 60ft! Speed: 231mph meh. Halfway to what I want.

But hey, I’m not getting shot at. Moving in closer. Dang, no change to speed. However, I can try to shoot the balloons in the close box.

Fire!: 5

I’m going to need a pretty perfect run to get the right odds for a regular seasoned pilot. 3 altitude chits and 1 speed chit won’t do it. So I pull up again. I’ll be checking visibility again, so let’s drop a new Very Light.

Visibility: 8-2: Just enough to be foggy. Dangit.
Nightfighters: 9

Turn 4. Here we go again.

Approach Vector: 4 SA

No speed, but I can get it with my dummy run marker. So one each. Speed: 227mph Altitude: 56ft. Not bad.

Getting closer. No improvement. Shooting at the balloons.

Rolling: 1

Wow! Down go the last balloons.

Anyway, I’m currently going with 2 draws each which isn’t all that bad. Might be the best I get for a while. Of course, if I release here, I get a ‘M’ which is a -1 to the Michelskopf roll. Yeah, there’s a word for ya. That’s the big ol’ mountain behind the dam that you can ram into. You only hit it on a roll of 3, but you can develop a few minuses and they can add up. I can get closer so I don’t get that minus, though that can result in a minus to my bombing roll. But I can also get a better pull.

I’m going for it. In the close box. Nope, not a better pull, but I’m releasing the Upkeep because I like my odds at this point.

I dropped it at 60ft (+4) and 228mph (+1). Let’s see what I get for my late release:

Rolling: 3 -1MM

Nuts. Needed a 4+ for anything good.

So I need an 11 to hit the dam. I need a 6 to not blow myself up with the Upkeep. Dangit. Why couldn’t I get my speed right? Well, here we go.

Rolling: 7

At least I didn’t blow myself up. Now to check if I hit the mountain. I’m at -2.

Rolling: 11

NOW I roll the 11. At least I’m safe. My other plane earns an approach observed marker and drops a Very Light Flare to deal with the increasing fog. The Activity level is at 6 now, but I’m getting a bit desperate. I need one hit for 6 damage. It’s possible, but unlikely.

Nightfighters: 7

Older VL: 2-1

Turn 5. Let’s see how a GOOD pilot heads into the lake.

Approach Vector: 1,3: SSM AA

Well, not very good at all, is seems. I have to use my Approach Observed marker to get a Speed chit, but let’s see what we have. Speed: 216mph. Not bad. Altitude: 54ft. Bleck. Can I fix that getting closer?

56ft. Yes, that’s better, but still not great.

I’m going to pull up at this point as a better Approach is going to put me far ahead of this run. I get to check for visibility again, so maybe I’ll get lucky.

Visibility: 11-2: And I got lucky.
Nightfighters: 5 Phew. Getting close.
Old VL: 5-2
New VL: 3-1

Turn 6. Here we go again. These turns are going fast now.

Approach Vector: 3,4 S

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Speed: 220mph! Altitude: 56ft. Pretty good! Let’s keep it up. Getting closer.

Couldn’t fix my altitude, but I think I’m going to drop the Upkeep now. I feel my luck running out, and honestly I don’t think I’ll get 6 damage with this bomb, so let’s just get this boys home in one piece.

Upkeep released at 60ft (+4) going 218mph(+3M). I’ll spend my dummy run marker to try and fix my speed (and not hit a mountain). 220Mph(+4)!!!! Perfect drop!

So that’s +9 total. I need a 6 to damage the dam.

Rolling: 9

KABOOM! And again, I’m not going to hang around for the smoke to clear, I’ll immediately put them in the RTB box. Morning recon can tell me what happened.

And that’s it. Mission over. Now it’s just time for everyone to return to base. So let’s travel home, starting from those closest to home and going farther away.

First is AJ-D, our unluckiest plane with broken radio, late sortie, compass card and faulty controls. He’s -1 for the Compass Card, +2 for being on the Coast. Let’s give a roll.
Rolling: 10
Safe at home. Probably a little upset at the groundcrew for the state of his plane.

Next are the planes of 2nd and 3rd wave. In 3rd wave we’ll start with Atlee and Franklin. They are at -1 for being in the Ruhr zone, but +1 for being a Veteran aircrew and +1 for the elite crewman.
Rolling: 5 Uh oh. I have to roll on the lost table. Same modifiers.
Rolling: 11 Phew. They made it.

Now deadeye Gibson. Same as his wingmate in the Mohne destroying wave.
Rolling: 12 Yup. Home safe and sound.

How about the Seasoned Aircrew in 2nd wave? They have -1 for Ruhr zone, and -1 for being damaged.
Rolling: 6 Uh oh.
Rolling: 9 If already damaged, roll a die
Rolling: 2 Destroyed. Dang.

Now Sumpter, another damaged plane, but they have a Veteran crew and Elite member which evens out the negative modifiers.
Rolling: 10 Home safely.

And the remaining member of 2nd wave, Walker.
Rolling: 9 Also home safely

And finally the remainder of 1st wave. They have -2 for being in Weser Zone. And I have a seasoned crew in a damaged plane, so that’s -3 total.
Rolling: 8 Normally good, but not with those modifiers
Rolling: 2 MIA darnit.

And now my expert pilot who was able to damage the Eder against great odds.
Rolling: 6 Lost?
Rolling: 9 Returns damaged.

I have 7 planes returning of my original 11. Now for morning recon. Let’s check out that Eder, shall we? The upkeep shows ½
Rolling: 5 odd: I did 1 damage. Let’s see what Recon shows:
Rolling: 2 – as advertised. Nuts. Out of curiosity, the other Upkeep was a 2/3, so it was impossible to breach it.

Sorpe dam’s upkeep is showing also ½.
Rolling: 4 even. 2 damage.
Rolling: 6 +1 damage. So I did 3 to it. Not nearly enough, but it’s still something.

And I have 7 damage from 2 upkeep on the Mohne. Let’s see what morning recon shows us.
Rolling: 5
Rolling: 4

As advertised. I breached one dam the whole night.

Now is simply to go through the scenario book and find out how I did. I can tell you right now, not well. I got 8 RV and lost 4 planes. I only have 3 Upkeep remaining, so I’m not able to do a second run. I won’t post here what the campaign book would say since that’s the best part of the game, so I’ll have you look it up yourselves.

So you can plainly see that you didn’t learn too much about strategy from me.

Hope you enjoyed it.