What did all that have to do with games?

Well that was the setup for a game I’m playing called Our Last Best Hope.  It is a Roleplaying Game.

But wait, you say, don’t you usually play solitaire?

Why yes, I reply, I do.

How on Earth, you pun, do you play a Roleplaying Game solitaire?

Let me show you.

There are more ways to roleplay solitaire than there will probably be words in this blog post.  The fundamental rule about playing an RPG solo, is simply introducing a way to get your imagination going, be it a list of words, pictures, or even a simple premise and being imaginative enough to go from there without help.  Then you have to introduce a way to add ways to knock you off the rails your imagination would put you on.  This could be as simple as a coin that says “Yes/No” to complicated charts or decks of cards that have dozens of random outcomes to a myriad of decisions.

I personally use The Mythic Game Master Emulator for all my random needs.  It’s simple, but fluid enough to get my mind to change gears when I need to, and it’s Actions/Effects lists are perfect to get me focused on everything.  There’s also a Mythic Variations to further point your game down a Horror, Mystery, Action or Epic path, a Creature Creator which is a whole lot of fun to make stats for Monsters for any game, as well as a Location Crafter for, um, Locations.

So with my GM Emulator, Our Last Best Hope rulebook, some dice and a pencil and paper, I am set for a quick game.  So far I took about a half hour to set the game up (what you’ve already read), and about 20 minutes which took me about 5 scenes through the actual game.  I’ll introduce you to the mechanics of the game as well as the mechanics of Solo GMing in between bits of actual play which will be interspersed with rules and die rolls, much like how I do my playthroughs of boardgames.

Yes, it will be Very Wordy, but it’s what you’ve come to expect from this blog, so there you go.

And yes, you can solo roleplay any RPG (probably).  I’ve done D&D, GURPS (one time travel and one mystery), WEGS, Burning Wheel, With Great Power…, and there’s probably more scribbled in my notebook somewhere.  It takes a while to stretch your mind to the place it needs to go sometimes, but when you get there, your pencil won’t right your notes fast enough as your world fleshes out around you and the story springs forth.  It’s a blast, and I recommend trying it for all those whose gaming groups have grown up and moved away, or for those who just don’t get as much gaming as they need or, like me, who have gaming groups that just won’t play the hippie games that you’re into.

Stay tuned, I have a lot of typing ahead of me!

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