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Our scene opens on Alison and Jessica back at NASA, both in cheap plastic seats drinking from water bottles after what was clearly a rough workout.  The woman exchange dialogue about how bizarre the exercises and tests astronauts have to go through actually are.

Scenes at this point lose a lot of detail and pick up speed because they are mostly between “Non-player characters” and if I wrote down every line of dialogue, I wouldn’t ever get to actually play the game.  You’ll just have to fill in the blanks, I’m afraid.

It is clear that the two have developed a close kinship through this whole ordeal, though it is also clear that neither mentions why they are training so hard and so quickly, impending doom hidden behind physicals, endurance runs, and more tests than any human body has ever been put through.  The scene ends on Jessica’s line: “All I know is if I’m flying this mission, I’m going to get everyone there and back alive, simply because that’s my mission.”

At this point, Alison plays the “Sane” card, showing that Alison used to go to Jessica to release stress and keep her grounded, further driving home the impact her death is probably having on her psyche.  She scores 2 Story Points by doing so.

The closed eyes of Alison are opened quickly as shouting is heard over the intercom.  It is Shirley’s voice: “Everyone to the kitchen, NOW!”  When the three were gathered together in the familiar place, the shouting began.  Apparently the food stocks had been raided, and all of the “Extra” food that had been “gained” by Jessica’s death was missing, assumed horded away by another member.  This kind of thing could not stand with months still left in their flight.

This is actually a pretty terrible Threat for OLBH, actually.  Threats are supposed to be immediate and deadly.  This is neither because all three can still survive on the food they have and there could be MONTHS before they successfully found out who (or what?) took the food.  However, using the Mythic GM Simulator, I had rolled something up that involved food and this is what I came up with and decided to give it a spin.  Shirley was taking the helm on this threat, so it was one die versus three again.  She dropped a Story point to tag the asset of Gigantic Food Supply for two dice versus three.

“You can look through my things!  I have nothing to hide!” Dexter says, hands raised in an innocent, submissive gesture.

I decide to help, and realize any Harm gained in this Threat will be fistfights between the characters.  Huh.  This might be more interesting than I thought originally.  We’re now at Three versus Three.

“Not without me you can’t.” Alison says haughtily.

Alison throws in one of the Story points she gained in the last scene to help as well, giving us a one die advantage.   This could get really bad.


We’re not very lucky, but we still manage to beat the threat and knock it down a level.

“I told you we’d find nothing.” Dexter says in a condescending tone.

“Fine,” Shirley says, “So we’ll get them from Alison.”

“Hey!  How do we know it’s not you?” Alison calls as the three leave the room.

Good point.  Luckily everyone is still willing to help (or punch each other in the nose), so it’s 3 versus 2.


We beat it by 5 or more, which knocks it down by 2, ending the threat.

On the way to Alison’s room, a loose panel in the wall is floating open, revealing foodstuffs inside.  The crew argues over who put them there, but realize there is no way for anyone to know who did it, so all agree never to try anything like that again, whatever good that would do.

Scene 3

This was to be a scene by Jessica’s player, so would be a flashback.  However, we just had a flashback scene and my roll on the Mythic chart had the word “Void” in it, so instead we simply have a view of Jessica’s body floating through space with the camera pointed towards the Armstrong, a point of light that is drifting with it.

The camera then cuts to the cargo bay of the Armstrong, flowing down the rows of NERVA engines, the large number of “DANGER: RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS” warnings painted all over them.  Someone also painted “Point away from face,” near one of the engine exhaust ports.  Scientists do seem to have a sense of humor.  The camera then pans up to the number of lights that grace the wall of the cargo area.  One is labeled Radiation Alarm and shows green.  The scene cuts away as the light turns to red.