For the sake of your aching eyes and my aching fingers, I won’t write out the full account of Alison’s harrowing trip out to fix the broken hydraulics on the Engines.  I will only show that Jessica’s secret was revealed (She forgot to check the systems on one of the spacesuits) which caused the threat to become even MORE dangerous.  She gained even more Harm on the trip, and rather than deal with a 6 die Threat she played her Death card “When we lease expect it” to cheat death and fix the engines.  In doing this she clears all of her Harm.  Smart thing to do, though it makes it necessary for Alison to die in Act II, which is sad.

Our next scene was a touching one between Dr. Pendragon and Dr. Van Hausen about how worried Dexter was about losing Alison out in the black when her suit started to malfunction.   Shirley was rather cold about it, but Dexter talked her down stating how much he needed everyone to get along as they got closer to the Orb for all their own sanity.  A very “Down to Earth” moment.  Dexter plays his Sane card.

So to sum up, we have an Event Pool with 6 black dice and 2 white dice.  Once there are 12 dice in that Pool, we reach Act II (remember, that fills up whenever 6’s are rolled during Threats).  The Plan has 4 Story Points and 3 White Dice ready to fight the Threat, which is a pretty good start.  The only personal Story Points are held by Dexter and Shirley who hold 2 each.  We still have more Secret, Crazy, Sane and Fear cards to come out, so let’s hope I can get to them before Act II starts.

But I decide to throw a curveball at this point.  There’s been a Threat sitting in the Threat Pool that I haven’t touched until now.  I don’t know how the other “Players” will take it, but it’s my turn to pick, so I’m going with it.  I’m going to “ask” Shirley to take the lead on this one (and roll to see if she accepts, which I think she will since she hasn’t led any Threats yet this game), which should just be fun.  So here’s the Threat I just threw down on the Table and which we’ll deal with on the next post:

“Is this a psychotic episode, or is something on this ship?”