Early in the flight a common image was of Dexter floating above the lunch table, various bits of food and liquid, a Oort cloud of edible goods, creating a sphere around him.  Lazily he would spin about, occassionally stretching his neck out to snag a piece of flatbread, water or a grape into his mouth.  Sometimes he would miss, but he didn’t seem to mind, the ecstasy of weightlessness overcoming any desire for cleanliness.  Bits of food would slide towards the walls, bouncing against the walls and windows, leaving small traces of the collision in the form of damp imprints or stains.

This flashback shows us Dexter floating and Jessica berating him for his lack of discipline.  His eyes roll much as his body does as he tries to explain the centripetal forces at play upon his body as well as the foodstuffs that were sailing through their heavily-oxidated air.  Jessica barely listens as she uses a fingernail to scrape dried curry paste from a control panel’s wall, sighing heavily.

Here’s where both Dexter and Jessica show the “Crazy” card with each other’s name on it.  It seems more like Jessica’s going crazy than Dexter in this scene, so we play her card.  A touching scene as we look at it through the eyes of the future.  If only we knew then what we know now…

Cut to: Present time as Dexter cleans a spot off of a viewing port with his finger nail.  He stares out at a small speck of light that is obviously brighter than the stars around it.  It’s The Orb.  They are finally within visual of it.  Alison floats beside him.  “That it?”


“I didn’t think we’d ever actually make it this far.”

“It’s strange to think that little spot of light is set to wipe out all of humanity.”

A pause.

“Not all of it.  We’d survive.”


A sound like a tree snapping in half, but right beside your ear causes both the astronauts to jump (which is amusing when you’re not attached to anything).  They look all around for the source of the noise, when a high-pitched whistle leads them to it.  A 1″ diameter hole coming through a different viewing port.  Looking further, another 1″ diameter hole through the floor, the edges perfectly round as if the nearly 3′ wide plastics provided no resistance to the object.

Dexter is about to say something scientific about the velocity of such an object, when another crack is heard, and all eyes are drawn to the viewing port.  Cracks are starting to form around that perfect hole.  The port is not holding up to the pressure.




Alison moves like a thing possessed.  She has her hands over Dexter’s eyes and mouth, her own shut tight.  Her other arm and legs are wrapped around the straps and bars attached to the walls with a strength only someone in a desperate situation could possess.  Luckily the ship is equipped with quite a supply of oxygen and air, so there was still enough air pumping through the room that the duo could now breathe, albeit roughly, as the air was fleeing into the vacuum of space.  Now that the explosive part of the explosive decompression was done, all that was left to do was get to any of the three entryways and seal off the area.  That shouldn’t be so hard, right?