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I’m a well rounded civilization, what can I say?

Let’s jump right back in and see if I can get a win today, shall we?

My hand is H1* – R5 – K6* – H4* – M2

Oh, and due to my Art, I can increase my Culture by 1, and I do.  9 more to go!

H4 is Quyth again, so grabbing that can give me a 2 point Culture growth when I, um, Grow next time!  I think that’s a perfect move.  Of course, if I settle, I’ll be using my only Moon card, but I can use Heart to pay for my Tech and Skull to pay for my Homeworld.  So let’s play M2 and Settle Quyth again.

I get to draw a card for playing something out of my hand, and I get H6.  Sadly since I need my Heart and Skull card, Hand is the only one worth playing, so I guess I’ll try smacking the Neutral player around.  I play H6 to remove a cube from Sector 36 (which had 3) to remove the one cube from Sector 34.  I do that because my Skull card has a world in Sector 34.  True, I’m going to be getting rid of that card in the next phase, but it will probably come back later.

Speaking of getting rid of cards, out go R5 and K6 to pay for my stuff.  I get a cube on both cards, maxing them both out.  I AM MIGHTY!

What’s my one and only challenge card?  R1 Pfft.  I remove a cube off of my tech. Whatever.  I’m fine.

Like how I’m getting cocky and setting myself up for a big fall?  Yeah, me too.

Let’s get our new hand and increase Culture by 1 again. H1* – K5* – S5 – S2 – S6

Yikes!  I guess I’m doing a Power action, then.  I’ll discard another Sun card to draw 2 more cards with my Industry power.  It’s like two Power actions for the price of one!  K1 – R6* – S1 – H2

I’m going to ditch my new Skull card to complete my first tech card.  I’m hoping that the third Heart tech in my Galactic Library will be one of the three that increases the Stability stat, since I’m still at -3 in that stat.  I could still insta-lose there if I get unlucky.  So that’s my action 2, ditching my K1 card.  Let’s see what last tech I get in my library.


There we go, I can raise it every time I battle now.  So I can pay my only Heart and Skull again to pay for my cards, or, since I have a large hand and a bunch of cubes, just take all 3 Challenges and keep my Skull card so I can keep the advancements going so I can get the winning conditions met.  Of course, I have absolutely no help if I draw any foot challenges.  Hrmph.

I’ll cut the difference.  I discard my Heart card to pay for my library, but I’m keeping the Skull and I’ll do two Challenges.  I can take it, right?

Card 1: F4:  Who saw that coming?  Show of hands?  Everyone?  Yeah.  That’s what I thought.  Fine, let’s see what happens.  F3 – Xeno estrangement! These alien cults are getting out of hand, we need to work on our diplomacy.  Decrease Xeno Relations by 2 and decrease Culture by 2.  Yuck.  Doable, but Yuck.

Card 2: K4: And I pay for this with a cube off of my Homeworld.  One step forward, two steps back.


Gotta get both X and S back up, since they can both drop 3 in a turn and kill me outright.  Also Culture is clearly going to take a lot longer than I think.   I would need 7 more sectors controlled to get a Territory victory or 17 more cubes for a population victory.  I should focus on spreading around, I think, because I have a lot of growth tech that will help with X and if I need to battle a few neutral cubes, I can raise S as well.  Let’s do this.

I don’t draw any cards because I have 5 in my hand: H1* – K5* – S2 – S1 – H2

I’m going to make my new tech before I use a Power action.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get a Power tech!  So I could add techs to the worlds I have settled (Quyth and Yrth), but that’s only a one time bonus, and I need three completed techs to win, so I’ll get that first, before I start messing with that stuff, so I’ll draw a card from the top of the deck to see if that becomes a tech card.  S4 – Yup.  It’s a new tech with Moon, Skull and Heart techs on it.  I get to add one, and I can choose one of them if I wish.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

I’m going to choose Genetics to make my Grow actions drop 2 extra cubes.  Let’s get that Population or Territory victory, shall we?

My next action is simply to discard my two Sun cards to draw 4 cards: H5* – S5 – K2 – M3


I discard S5 to pay for my Homeworld.  Sure, I discard M3 to pay for the Library.  I can’t pay for the new tech (that I’ll name once I get all the techs in it, like you’re supposed to….oops), so looks like I’ll have 2 Challenges again.

Card 1: S6: Cube off of my Homeworld.  I’m good.

Card 2: F4:Why can’t I get foot cards?!?!?  This could kill me right here.  F2 – Xenophobia (clearly my diplomacy failed, and failed big) – decrease Xeno Relations by 3 and decrease Culture by 1.


The end

And thus is the end of the Castreem empire, torn apart my Xenophobia.  They close their borders to all outsiders and die a slow miserable death while their culture implodes upon itself.  They were never heard from again.

Now if I had won, the Castreem empire would actually get to make a Civilization card that would be added to the deck which would grant its holder a special effect.  You would also check to see if the empire was great enough to produce a Wonder, a mythical artifact that could be found on a world by a future civilization.

Nope.  They’re just a footnote in the galactic records.  All the cards I created/changed, though, will be kept in the deck and will be played in the next game where all the cards I make and add will have a ‘2’ next to them, to show it’s the second “generation” of galactic travelers.  The Galactic Library will only be a card that can be played from the hand to grant a one-time bonus whenever you use an action that is shown on the card, not an active tech that lasts the test of time.  People may remember that there once was a vast library, but no one will remember who made it or why, but the effects will still be there.  But the tech I had with only 1 thing on it can be added to and expanded upon to become a full-fledged card in itself.  Who knows what it will become!

That’s the real fun of this game, seeing it evolve over time.  I’ll probably keep playing this universe for a while, so if you’re curious, ask how the good folks are doing and I’ll keep you posted which generation is doing what.  Who knows, maybe the Quyth will rise up and take over, or the Yrthlings, after they were confused for the wrong people for so long…

Thanks for reading!  I hope to bring you something new and exciting for my next playthrough!  Stay tuned!