Maybe I can be left alone long enough to play a turn!

What you do on a turn is 1) Move (optional) 2) Do an action.

Not much to it.  Then again, High Frontier can be described as 1) Do 2 actions 2) Move your ships.  So don’t get bored yet.

Moving costs energy.  With the Trajectory Module that I’m using, 1 energy let’s me move 7 spaces.  Spaces are the dots on the orbit lines that I can follow, I can also jump orbits following the trajectory lines.  I can go counter-clockwise, but each time I do that, it costs 2 energy.  I don’t see a reason to do that, though, because I have a nice juicy planet on the same orbit I am with Trojans and all sorts of fun stuff nearby.


This costs 2 energy, 1 for the movement, and 1 for “landing” on the planet.  I use the quotes because it’s a gas giant.  What land is there to land on?  Also, because I’m using the Equipment Module, I have to add a bit of wear onto some equipment that let’s me work on gaseous planets….


<insert facepalm picture here>

So, um.  I think I’m just going to use that as an example to show…um…that…um…planning ahead is important.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.  Totally planned that.

SO, instead I spend 3 energy to hop up to the H orbit and land on that Carbon planet there.  It gives +2 to life checks and +1 to Substance checks.  In a multiplayer game, for being the first to land on a planet, you get to put down your flag token on it and gain either the substance token on the planet (carbon in my case) or draw from the Substance bag.  It doesn’t say not to do this is the solo rules, so I guess I can get a token.  I’ll go for a random token, because if I get radioactive goo, I can exchange that for 4 energy!

Hey!  I drew a Purple!  That means I can grab whatever I want!  I’m taking that green, thank you very much.  So now, to my action.  I’ve got two general options: General or Discovery.

General actions are Research and Scavenge.  Research is simply digging into the Knowledge bag and grabbing a token.  Those tokens are all the icons shown on the top of crew and equipment cards.  They are used so you can, oh, I don’t know, LAND ON A GASEOUS PLANET?  Ahem.

The Scavenge action is when you’re floating in a Trojan field (the rocks in front of and behind the gas giants), and it grants you one Substance from the Substance bag.

Discovery actions are where you look for Life (only done within the Goldilocks Zone), Substances (only on Planets) or Exo Products (only in space, including Trojans and the Mothership).  Since I’m on a planet, I might as well try to grab some more Carbon off of it, so I can use all that stuff and make it into a nice Exo Product next Turn to “level up,” as it were.

So Saga is skilled at Discovering Substances, so she supplies 1 die towards the challenge.  She uses the Exo Multidevice, so I actually have a chance of this happening.  The Multidevice, however, gets moved down to the “Slightly Worn” part of my player board to show that I’ve used it.  Even in space, carbon pollution is a pain in the butt.  The planet itself shows a +1 for Substance Discovery, so I’ll be rolling two dice.

2d12 and one of them has to show 8 or less.  My odds are really good.  I am also playing The Soviet Union: Since I’m using the Perk Module, that means I have a, um, Perk for playing this country.  Once per Warp I may automatically succeed at finding substances, as long as I have at least one die to roll.  Sounds good to me.  Why risk it?  So to show I used my Perk, I flip my Country card over to the used side and grab two black Substances to add to my stash.

Then is a brief cleanup phase, where, due to my using the Trajectory Module, all planets and Trojens move clockwise along the Orbit labels.  Ships and Mothership in space never move.  Since I landed on a planet, I move with it, mainly because it would be weird otherwise.

And Turn #2 begins.

Where I spend an energy to fly closer to the star and get into the Trojan moons trailing behind the Ice Giant in the E Orbit.  Why?  Because I am flying the Octopus.  It’s Perk is that once per Warp, while in a Trojan I can Scavenge a Substance and Discover an Exoproduct.  Bam!  Two for the price of one!  So I grab a random Substance: more Carbon, and then I get Saga back to work.  We’ll use the good ol’ Exo Multidevice, moving it down to “Substantially Worn.”  She only gives 1d12, but I need a 7 or less, so I think I’ll be okay.


Alright, Let’s see what’s available.


Right now I just have 3 blocks of Carbon, which means I can only build the Shita-kitae Alloy, which I suppose is good because I took that picture too small and I can’t read anything else up there.  So I discard two black stones and grab that card and put it into the “Current” slot of my player board.  It provides a Substance skill as if it were Equipment, which will be nice once things start wearing out, and it gives me +1 dice on any attempts on a LVA planet.  Must be heat resistant.  Like a Hot Pocket.

As that was the last turn at this star, I have to Warp away.  I could choose to stay for another turn and damage the crew, but I don’t see a reason to, I still have 11 energy as well as some radioactive Substances to keep me going over the next Warp, so I should be fine.  Saga will spend the Warp time fixing the Multidevice, anyway, which will put it back to Fully Operational.  Everyone wins.

Oh wait, I have 10 energy.  It costs 1 for the Mothership to grab me before you go.  Still, no biggie.

To the future!!!!