I just received word from “Chroma” that his game The Ward is going to be published and the physical book should be available in a few weeks at Metatopia in New Jersey!

Hooray for him!  He worked very hard on this game and I know for certain that it’s a great game because I’ve been playing it for a while now (It’s an RPG about doctors that runs from Scrubs to ER to House to M*A*S*H to General Hospital).  It’s great.  I’ll post links on how to get it once it’s available to the public.

The other cool thing is that the character I’ve been playing in it appears in the book.  Look for “Sarge.”  Poor guy has been through a lot, so give him some love when you see him.

That made me think: Wow, I’m starting to appear in a lot of game related products.  I did a tally.

2006: Cthulhu Live 3rd edition – name and nickname under “Contributors.”  Solo picture of me.

2012: Leaving Mundania – “Young Man” thrown into a portal during her Cthulhu Live game.

2016: Bios: Genesis – name under “Playtesters”

2017: The Ward – Character in Actual Play chapter

2017(?): Bios: Megafauna 2 – Actual Play written by me – name under “Playtesters”

2018(?): Operation Zetta – Possible drawing on one of the Crew Cards (!)

Written out like that, it doesn’t seem like much, now that I see it.  But dang if it doesn’t look kind of awesome when I think about all those times when I was a kid and thought about how cool all those people must be in the gaming industry, and now I know I’ve played InSpectres with Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Games and exchanged emails with Phil Eklund and played a COIN game that doesn’t even exist yet.

I’ve also raised ~$500 for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia through gaming, of which I’m almost more proud.  I know it’s next to nothing in the grand scheme of things, but it could be $0, so I’ll take it.  (It’s through Extra-Life.org)

I’ve met awesome people who live hundreds of miles away from me, but who I would consider friends through gaming.  Not even “internet friends,” but friends.

Due to Vassal and other online platforms, I’ve played games with Swedes, Nords, Germans, French and Japanese (and probably others I’m missing).

All because I love the little microcosm that a game lets us play around in.


And I bet my parents thought I was wasting my time.

Thanks for reading.  I’ll start playing something again soon.