Thi Nu Av!


Were you right? I hope so.  What this shield does is block anything of the Quantum, Mind or Soul sphere (which is anything the Shadow does!) 3 times.  Luckily, I also have enough Voice that now if I have this shield up I a) Gain 1 Harmony per turn and b) gain 1 Harmony each time the Shield blocks an event.


Good thing I was able to wrap the shield around me as yet another claw came towards me, ready to separate me from the Universe.  Instead Karma told the Shadow to sit down and said that I, in fact, deserve to be here.  I knew that the shield wouldn’t hold up for long, so I had to strike, and strike hard.


I began to fill my “wool” with energy.  LOTS of energy.  The way the fabric was woven, it would be able to store it for a while, and then detonate damaging a target.  I hope between a glowing fabric of death and a beam of light ready to zap It’s face off, I can distract the Thing enough to-

Yup, another singe off of the side.  It’s a war of attrition, one I hope to win.

Sadly Karma didn’t seem to like my attack, or felt everything was evened out.  Eastern Philosophies are picky things, because my Karmic Debt was dispelled soon after.  That’s okay, I wanted to try something dangerous anyway.


Gestation hadn’t worked, and I havn’t had the Resonance to get it back into my codex, but I still had this one available.  It gives me a Resonance and effectively does the same thing as Etheric Eternae without needing Focus.  It Evaded the initial damage, but having to dodge twice each maintenance phase will work out great.  The 2 action thing stinks, though.

I watch as the Shadow turns its interest inside itself, wondering what was going on.  I couldn’t see anything, but in my head I think I just created quantum foam inside True Nothingness.  I wonder if I destroy him, will I create a Big Bang in another universe?

It just gained Resonance at the end of the turn, and at the top of the next turn we roll a 10, giving us 5 Resonance (him 6) and I lose another Harmony.  Great.  He also evades both possible hits. *sigh*  I need to heal some Harmony here, but at least my Explosive Compound will be going off soon.

With all the energy in the air, the Shadow weaves a huge spell, shattering it against my shield.  Good thing, too, that one looked like it would have knocked me silly.  I need to get on the defensive.  Lin’li-n!

Ah, much better.  When the light clears from my eyes, however, I see that the Thing has somehow destroyed the beam of light that has been my rapier throughout this entire fight.   But I have to shield my eyes yet again as the Philosopher’s Wool explodes in a shower of energy.

Which the Shadow Evades.  However, he did take damage from the Blood Plague, so I’ve been whittling It down piece by piece.

And I’ve made It mad.  It’s Spectral Claws, so easy to tear into my own Reality, now tear at my shield.  Finally a weakness is found, and It pulls my shield apart like a nervous actor pulling apart the curtains.  I cast a quick spell to make sure I can survive whatever it will deliver: Shuk Av Khur, filling my cells with the ability to heal themselves with a bit of energy.


But rather than tear into me, it silently brings itself to its full height.    Hoo boy, it’s big.  I can see, though, the “Foam” inside, bubbling and boiling, and before its next move, I take advantage of that and use my “connection” to my previous spell, and begin moving it back and forth, throwing the Shadow this way and then, bending it into shapes it probably wouldn’t want to be in (Even a creature of shadow would hate to be a Klein bottle, don’t you think?).  I put everything I had into these motions, and it was exhausting, but it was totally worth it.  I could feel the Shadow weakening as I bent it through four or five dimensions.


I sent 2 Will to enhance this spell.  See the grey bar on the bottom of the card?  Those are advancements you can add onto a spell if you invest extra power (Voice, Resonance, etc.).  Each Will can move you from left to right 2 slots, so the first Will made it an Area attack (no big deal with only one enemy), but the other increased the damage by 1.  Now it will do 2 damage per attack.  It didn’t Evade the first shot!  I have it down to 3 Essence!  You’ll notice, however, that it cost me 3 Harmony to cast.  Very dangerous, but I’m only at -3, I think I’ll survive.

The new turn begins and while It evades Malignant Transformation, It does not evade Blood Plague.  Another Damage.  2 to go!

Suddenly, I feel a slap to my forehead, the Shadow separates the connection from me to my spell.  I can’t move the Creature around anymore.  I can see the foam still roiling around inside It, but I can’t reach out to it anymore.  More frighteningly I feel separated from the Universe, but only briefly.  Ouch.  I shouldn’t allow myself to get that deep into the Shadow.

His action #1 Disrupted the Malignant Transformation and caused 2 Harmony damage while It was at it.  Okay, now I’m at -5.

But even when it slapped my head, I could feel its weakness.  It’s resolve was barely there.  I don’t think it really wanted to defend this location anymore.  No more subtlety.


Ol Fas Rak!

Good Ol’ Fasrak.  College buddy of mine.  We got in a lot of scrapes together…Anyway.

The shoulders of the Thing were beginning to slump.  It simply didn’t want to fight anymore.  Neither did I, but I didn’t want It to know that.  I simply kept walking towards it, getting ready to Dissolve it some more.

Dissolve Tissue is a Bonded spell.  That means it doesn’t count towards your “1 per turn” to get a spell back into your Codex AND it only costs 1 Resonance.

Maybe it was just leading me on, or this was a death rattle, but quick as light (or in this case, as quick as dark), a tendril shoots from the Shadow, piercing my heart.

Uh oh.

I can feel myself separating from Reality.  And worse, I can feel myself not minding.

3 more Harmony damage from our Encounter!  That puts me at 8 Discord (or -8 Harmony, depending on how you want to look at it).  As soon as you pass 7 Discord, you have to make what is called a “Discord Event.”  Then, each maintenance phase afterwards you have to continue making Discord Events until you get your Discord back under 7.  It can escalate quickly.  An Event is the simple roll of 2d10.  If you roll less than your current Discord: WHAP!  The Universe hits you for an unblockable, immediate 3 Essence damage.  This is how the Shadow kills you.  I avoided it as long as I could, but I’m only at 8 so far, let’s roll those bones:


Just fine.

Am I really going to leave this reality because of a Shadow in a Dog Food factory?  Am I going to leave my friends, the 1 player guild, my wife, my daughter, because this…thing doesn’t want me here.

Hell no.

I’m not leaving them for anything.  I don’t care if the universe doesn’t want me here.  I’m staying.


The spear of darkness that was in my heart falls limply to the ground.


The Shadow begins to fall back from me, one last soundless scream emanating from its lack of body.


And just like that, I’m no longer looking at a shadow-creature.  I’m looking at the shadows of a dog food factory.

In the coming days I’m going to have to spend some time here to find out why this spot was so interesting to the Shadow, but for now I think I’m going to head home for now.  I’ve got a little girl who could use a few snuggles.

When you start getting Discord events from Shadows, that’s when the downhill slide begins and you can very quickly lose the game.  I’m glad I could finish it off when I could.  I’m sure I didn’t play as well as I could, but I showed you a lot of different spells and strategies available, but there’s a whole lot more (I never even touched the Quantum or Mind spheres!).

So if you’ve ever wanted to play in the Dresden Files world, or thing Mage: The Ascension is pretty neat, or Magic: The Gathering is getting stale, look for a used copy of this game.  It’s quite interesting.  There’s a bit of fan-made material out there as well, so even if you can’t find an opponent, you’ve got quite a few different Encounters you can play against, and they are all VERY different (Beware Krumpus!).

Hope you enjoyed this Playthrough.

Now go hug a member of your family if you can.