Woops, I meant a Year’s End.

Nothing too exciting to post here.  The typical craziness that happens around this time of year in America is turning up to 11, and I’m caught in the middle of it.  So I guess I’ll be putting the blog on hold again like I did at the end of last year.  It probably won’t be as long of a break as I did last time since I’m enjoying doing this more and more, so no worries if you’re an avid fan.

Hey, there could be an avid fan out there.

You know, like a fan of Avid, the editing software.

How’s that for niche humor?

Anyway, I plan on trying some things in the “MegaGame” category, which is a post in itself, but to sum up: Playing games that link to each other, so what you do in one game affects what you do in another.

I should be receiving Fog of Love in a few weeks, which looks to be a hoot of a game to play with the Mrs, so I’ll probably write something on that as well.

And I also have other ideas floating around, as well as the typical conventions in February and July to look forward to, and even more “classic” games to pull out and thrust upon you all.

But for now, I bid you all a Happy New Year, and hope you get to relax a bit.  I know it’s a crazy time right now, but remember as these nights get longer, that just means you have more time to snuggle on the couch with those you love, or at least with a beer and a solo game.

’till we meet again.