Hello and happy New Year!

Typical year end business has kept me from doing any real thinking about games or planning and writing play sessions for the blog, so that’s why there’s so much dust around here, but I’ve got something different coming up that I wanted to mention, so here we go.

Dragon Thrones!

My eleventh anniversary is this upcoming Saturday (yes, the anniversary of STEEL! *insert big manly rawr here*).  As a gift, we were given tickets to this event happening IN A CASTLE in Philadelphia.

Yup.  Fantasy gaming in a castle.  That’s how lifelong nerds roll on their anniversary.  What can I say, I’m a lucky, lucky man.

So what does talking about a big ol’ Larp have to do on what is primarily a solo-boardgaming blog?  I’ll tell you what, and stop projecting questions into my head.  It’s weird.

One of the things that will be happening at the Larp is what they call their “MegaGame,” a grand Boardgame that will be simulating what is happening outside of the castle, while the side quests, diplomacy and other shenanigans happens in the Larp-space.   But the grand scale will be held on the tabletop, moving armies, collecting resources, spending those resources to field spies, collect information and subvert enemies.  You know, the fun stuff.  Depending on what you do in that boardgame will give bonuses and other advantages to the players as they go out on their adventures throughout the castle and how they interact with other players.

“Sure, you can withhold all of your information from me, but I know 80,000 men sit at your castle gates, perhaps you should be a little more forthcoming.”

“While we waste time on words, our crops are dying and the people are revolting!”

“We just don’t have the money to repair the Armor of Smiting +3!”

Okay, I don’t know EXACTLY how any of this works, so I doubt these quotes will actually occur, but you get my drift.

It did get me thinking about other MegaGames that could be done, however.  What about combining a game like Churchill (a grand strategy game about the meetings between the Big 3 during WWII), and have the results of each turn impact games of D-Day of Omaha Beach or some of the other million WWII games out there?

How about playing a game of Terraforming Mars in the middle of a game of High Frontier to see if your space colonies are successful?  Or The First Martians, or Martians: a Story of Civilization or some of the other Mars games coming out?

And now that I think about it, play Leaving Earth, your score on that will affect your starting stats in High Frontier.  Take the space program from 1950 to 2250.

I’m sure there’s many more ways to do this, and it would be grand to rope other people into this.  Have a group play one mega-strategy game, while others play the “lesser battles.”  Hell, play chess and have two other players play a skirmish wargame during every capture to spruce things up.

Any other ideas of MegaGames?  I kinda want to try this, but I’m not sure where to start.