Several thousands of years have passed since my last post, so lets recap.

Three species of humans are trying to survive.  In one turn, very little has happened.  Cro-Magnon has a Generous Woman teaching him how to trade and give, as well as how to put discs in the Venus area of his brain.  Of course, no one is listening to her because she’s not married.


No one has really been successful enough hunting to increase their numbers, so they all still have the six hunters they started with, though Archaic Man had to move one to the Fire-Starter elder to replace the previous one who died and took his wisdom with him.  Speaking of fire, Neanderthal was able to mature his own Fire-Starter, so they no longer need to worry about freezing to death as long as that elder knowledge stays alive.

Good?  Let’s start turn 2, then.


Four elder death dice.  Apparently living into old age is just not something you did thousands of years ago.  Who knew?  Except them, of course.  Each species has an elder in spot 6, and Neanderthal’s is mature, so let’s see if any come out unscathed. *rollroll*

Not a single one.  *sigh*  Eh, fire is overrated anyway.  I mean, it just leads to smoking and look where that’s gotten us.  Let’s get to the auction:


Attacking and hunting first really isn’t a great ability in a solitaire game.  In multiplayer it’s AWESOME, but there’s only one of me, so I can ignore that right now.  However, it only costs one black disc and let’s you put both discs into the Shaman portal, so I’ll let Neanderthal get it because he could just think the Black disc off of her if he’s unable to hunt for it.

Speaking of hunting, we’re looking at the same hunting grounds from last turn.  Often things change (sometimes drastically) from turn to turn, but we’re left with the same kind of terrible choices here.  Turn order is Red-Green-Yellow, so let’s see what I should do with Cro-Magnon.  He still has all 6 beginning hunters, but has no Firestarter.  He also has an unwed Generous woman, and that looks like it’s more important.  So I’ll place one of the hunters on the Generous woman to show he’s wooing her for marriage.  There’s down and up sides to marrying in your own tribe:  The downside is 1) The husband starts immature (insert joke here) and 2) You don’t get to share her powers with another tribe which is mighty useful in a solitaire game.  The upside is you automatically succeed in wooing her during the Courtship phase.  Otherwise the tribe could beat you to death or you could simply be turned away.

It’s kind of like high school.  Don’t date out of your caste.

So to speed things up, we’ll date in our caste.  The other five hunters will try and take down the fallow deer.  I need two dice to show a 1 or 2, but it gives a pretty good return.

No to Archaic Man.  He’s in the most disadvantage position with only 5 hunters and 8 discs to his name.  On the plus side, he doesn’t really care much about discs because getting a Fire-Starter at this point seems to be too draining on his resources.  Because of that, all five hunters are going for the Chamois.  There he can gather Mushrooms and have no risk of freezing to death.

Neanderthal is in a pretty sticky situation, too.  He’s got a daughter with a black disc on her, and the only thing that isn’t a Big Game that needs a lot of successes is the Flint Mine which doesn’t offer any progeny for succeeding there.  Do I keep the tribe small and just keep evolving my mind and hope to have enough hunters to survive future hardships, or should I just think the black disc off in Phase 6 and go for more kids?

All of the “easier” animals now have the risk of freezing to death, too.  Without a Fire-Starter, we could hit a pretty good setback with a bad roll.  Eh, let’s just get the disc off of our Totem Woman, and then put another color into our brain in Phase 6, opening our options for later.  Then we can start looking to increase our numbers.  I think that’s a bit less risky.


So there we go. First thing that happens is Courtship with the Generous Woman.  Normally we would roll to see who she would marry, but because it’s someone from her own tribe, there’s no roll, and the red cube gets an Orange disc placed under it, showing an immature husband.  Now on to the actual hunting.

Let’s roll!  Five dice to get the Fallow Deer for Cro-Magnon:


There we go, a success!  And heck, we almost ended up with a trophy!  So those five return home and I gain 3 more from my dead pile.  I also can remove the orange disc from under the immature husband…the Generous Woman is married!

I usually never cry at weddings.

This one is no different.

Now Archaic Man gathers their Mushrooms, resulting in a baby (technically this happens before hunt rolls, but unless there’s a fight on the card, it doesn’t matter), and now 5 dice for 1 success.


Two more kids from the dead pile for Archaic Man, much needed for sure.  And finally the six Neanderthals in the Flint Mine


The good news is, I succeed and the Black Disc is removed from the Totem Woman, maturing her.  The bad news is I rolled triples, meaning I take the card into my(Neanderthal’s) hand.


The downside is your hand size equals the number of elders you have….which for the Neanderthals (and everyone else) is zero, so the Flint Mine is discarded.  That was an easy way to free Black Discs going away.  Dang.  Luckily it gets replaced, so let’s see what we get:


And easy way to free White Discs.  Not bad.  Eh, we’ll see how this impacts us.  We skip on forward to Phase 6, then.

Cro-Magnon is going to smartify itself by using the abilities of its new Generous Woman and place a Black Disc into the Venus area of its brain.  Sure, that’s one less disc to be used (and making Chaos limits lower), but smartibility is attractive.

Again, Archaic Man has nothing it can do in Phase 6.  I hope we can rectify that next turn.

Neanderthal will put an Orange disc into his Shaman area, using the Totem Woman’s power.  Remember, she doesn’t need to be married because Neanderthal is using Harem Holding sexuality.  In fact, with that sexuality, Husbands can move between Daughters, defending them from all incoming suitors.  Think Gorillas beating their chests, and you get the idea.

Another turn done.  Let’s keep this wild ride through time going.



One of my favorite daughters! (If my actual daughter reads this…forshame!)  And we also see a new symbol here, the Blizzard!

We’ll get right to it, since we can ignore the Elder Death Dice since no tribe has any elders at the moment.  What a Blizzard means is you have to check if you have enough hunters to “take care” of your elders and unmarried Daughters.  Simply put, for each Elder and Unwed Daughter, you have to have two Hunters.  If not, you’ve got to kill an Elder or Daughter until you can take care of them all.

Archaic Man has no Elders or Daughters to speak of, so they’re fine.  Neanderthal has one Unwed Daughter, but they have 6 Hunters, so they’re able to take care of 2 more resources that would be in danger by this event.  Cro-Magnon has one Daughter, but she is married and it is assumed that the Husband is taking care of her, so their 8 Hunters are free to take care of anyone else…there’s just no one else to take care of.  Care Bear card!  No troubles!

Now to bid on our Swearing Woman, or as I like to call her: Mrs. CthulhuKid (really, you should see her watching a hockey game…yeesh!).  Ignoring precondition tools is probably best for Archaic Man, given his lack of discs, though he already has a disc in his Bison area.  Perhaps I should split the difference and have Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon buy the card and have Archaic Man try to marry her.  Risky, but would be the best of all worlds, and Archaic Man has a lot of Hunters to play with at the moment.

I’ll go with Cro-Magnon taking the Daughter because he’s got the most spare discs and benefits the most from having the husband, no matter from what tribe.  That costs a Black and White disc.  Might be difficult to get those off, but our Hunting Grounds haven’t changed(much, the Carcass is new), so I should know by now what I’m capable of.

I have the Cro-Magnon try to get another Fire-Starter and have the other Hunters go to pick the Carcass and go to clear a White disc and get another Hunter.

Neanderthal is playing it safe just to get more Hunters and goes for the Chamois.  6 Hunters just isn’t enough right now for big gains.

Archaic Man isn’t going to try and marry the Swearing Woman yet, since she won’t be mature by the time the wooing starts.  But just for fun, I decided to have one Hunter go to woo the Totem woman over at the Neanderthal camp.  Why not?  The rest will go and try to take down the Fallow Deer.


One green cube got cropped off of the Deer because I’m sloppy.

So we start with the WOOing.  (Insert Ric Flair sound effect here)  The symbols on the left side of the Daughter card show what can happen when you vie for the affection of another tribe’s Daughter:


On a 1 or 2, success!  Enjoy your new life!  3, 4, or 5, take the long walk home to your tribe, hat in hand.  Have we invented hats yet?  And 6?  You’re beaten to death for having the audacity for even asking.

Ah, racism.  Ain’t it keen?

Let’s see how our Archaic Man fares.

He rolls a 1!  But I just remembered something which totally messes with my plans.  Archaic man is Promiscuous.  They can NOT place husbands.  So that didn’t accomplish what I had hoped.  BUT he did accomplish, um, something.  He did succeed at, um, genetically leaving his mark in the Neanderthal tribe before leaving.


Anyway, I get to pull a Green cube from the dead pile and give it to the Neanderthals as a free Hunter.  In a multiplayer game, it would still score for Green, but Yellow would control it.  Sadly Archaic Man does NOT get the benefits of the daughter this way.

I could take this move back, but that’s a LOT of typing, so screw it, here I go.

So everyone was successful in their hunting rolls, and Cro-Magnon was so successful he also got the Carcass card into his hand (He has an elder, so is able to actually hold it for now).  The card is replaced with a Woolly Rhinoceros.  We’re going to need a bigger spear.

For phase 6, Cro-Magnon matures his elder and Neanderthal places a White Disc in his Shaman area.  He now has all three colors in his brain and they are all in the Social Domain, allowing him to create Warrior Elders/Alphas.  That will give him bonuses fighting off predators, which is always a good thing.

Here’s how we look after turn 3.


Stay tuned as we leap forward another few thousand years and see how our tribes do.  We’re getting smarter, but Archaic Man’s Promiscuous ways are holding him back, should he change, or should I just change my play style?  Hmmmm….

Continuing stupidity ahead!