Let’s move a little faster now that most of the rules stuff is over and done with, shall we?

Oh, and the picture above is clearly Archaic Man and Neanderthal screaming in pain after last turn.

Our event adds another event to the event deck.


It also has us rolling three Elder Death dice because “Suffer Not an Old Guy To Live” is the motto of this particular game, I guess.

With all the rolling, however, only Cro-Magnon loses his Fire-Starter.  Archaic Man keeps his burninator, and Neanderthal keeps his as well, along with his Warrior.

The Daughter is Scheherazade, she who allows you to take two actions in Phase 6.  A very powerful daughter to have.  She also lets you place a white disc in your head (in either Bison or Shaman spaces).  Sadly, you can bid any color disc on her, which means in my rules, I’ll have to stick three discs into her.

I’m going to give her to Cro-Magnon because he’s got enough discs and will be able to go Tribal once everyone’s Mature on his end.  I’ve still got 7 turns to get everyone ready and married, so I think I’ll be okay.

Keep in mind, in multiplayer games, bids of 3 are much more common.  Those games are much more ruthless (I love them!).

I decide not to have Neanderthal hunt this turn.  They’re too busy singing in the Studebaker.  That and I have almost enough hunters to hit my Chaos limit, and I’m not looking to free any discs for them.  They’re good right now.

Archaic Man still needs to get that Orange Disc off of A Woman With a Name, so they go fishing and mussel gathering to increase their numbers and hopefully get a bit smarter to start their upward climb.

Cro-Magnon, while I need them to get rid of a LOT of discs now, only have 6 hunters, so it’s not very likely they’ll take down much big game.  So I’ll let them get the Fallow Deer which will free an Orange disc and (more importantly), swell the tribe by 3 for next turn where I can target, say, the Wisent.


My luck continues.  Archaic Man fails to catch anything, and two Hunters freeze to death, resulting in a net -1 Hunter.  Cro-Magnon does catch a Fallow Deer, so those extra 3 Hunters are nice but that was apparently the last Deer, so the card is removed as a trophy.

One more disc is removed from the Swearing woman, and it’s a good time for her skills to come to use.


Hey!  Some new Event symbols!


The one on top means “It’s getting really, really cold!”  That means whichever card that has the lowest “climax number” – ahem – will go from the North Row of the hunting grounds to the South Row, discarding whatever is in the south.  In our case, the Irish Elk has the number 2, so it’s easily the smallest.  The space below him is empty, so no big deal there.  The former elk space is replaced with a North Row card that is not flipped over.  It represents ice that lets nothing live on it.


It wasn’t too bad for us, though, as it merely traded one empty space for another.  It’s when you get multiple cold spells in a row (I believe there are more cold events than warm) that things get complicated.  But now let’s check Chaos:

Archaic Man:  Free Hunters: 6 Free Vocabulary Discs: 6 (phew)

Neanderthal: Free Hunters: 7 Free Vocabulary Discs: 9

Cro-Magnon: Free Hunters: 9 Free Vocabulary Discs: 11

Just dodged Chaos.  No random dead people.  That also means the Wanderlust icons on the bottom of the list means nothing as well.  But let’s check the Blizzard effects.

Archaic Man: Elders/Daughters: 2 Free Hunters: 6 (4 needed)

Neanderthal: Elders/Daughters: 3 Free Hunters: 7 (6 needed)

Cro-Magnon: Elders/Daughters: 2 (one is married) Free Hunters: 9 (4 needed)

Again, I survive!  While I might be able to do okay in the current game with losing a Daughter or two (once I’ve used her Portal actions, I can usually get by), going on to the Greenland game means keeping Daughters is much more important.

And if you read what the Piper does, it’s obvious I should give it to the Archaic Man, so I do.


For Hunting, I had Neanderthal try to marry the Swearing Woman (so he can fill his Bison Portal) and get another hunter as a replacement by hunting the Ptarmigan.  Archaic Man is hunting the Chamois to wipe an Orange disc off of one of his Daughters (and gather some sweet, sweet mushrooms) and for a first, Cro-Magnon is hunting the Alpine Ibex to clear a White Disc.  I fear getting one of these possible-to-be-domesticated animals in my hand too early (and losing it due to elder death), but it’s a risk I have to take.

At least I think I have to.  Hell, what do I know?


Archaic Man is successful, so the first piped music is heard coming from their camp.  Neanderthal is also successful in their hunting, which will console their poor rejected hunter who was probably called a bunch of horrible names by the Swearing Woman.  Cro-Magnon failed in their hunt and got the Ibex put into their hand as I feared.  They have an immature Fire-Starter, so it will stay there for now, but it may not last long.  The Ibex got replaced in the Hunt Row with a Honey Bee, which can also be domesticated, so that’s good news.

In Phase 6 I put an Orange disc into Archaic Man’s head.  He only has 5 Free Vocabulary discs now, but at least he can think Orange out of things freely if he wants, and he plans on going a-marrying soon to get all sorts of other abilities.  Cro-Magnon matures his Fire-Starter because it seems the only way to remove White Discs here is to hunt an animal that also removes Black, so let’s just do the one thing on its own right now.  Neanderthal seems to have stalled in its intellectual growth lately.  I need to fix that.


Turn 7:


Almost the polar opposite of the previous event, and a very useful daughter for Cro-Magnon (or anyone, really, since Blizzards are tricky).

But first, we have to move the lowest climax animal-ahem-UP, and that is still the Irish Elk, so the Ice Flow melts, and the Elk go back to where they came from.  The good news is a new card replaces the elk.  And we get a new fishie.



That’s a big ol’ fish.  Look at the size comparison to a human on the card.  You could sleep in that thing like a Tauntaun.

Chaos Check:

Archaic Man: Hunters: 9 Free Vocabulary Discs: 5 (CHAOS!)

Neanderthal: Hunters: 8 Free Vocabulary Discs: 9

Cro-Magnon: Hunters: 8 Free Vocabulary Discs: 11

So I have to kill half (rounded up) of all my Hunters and an Elder in the Archaic Man species.  Which leaves me with 4 hunters and no Elders.  Now is the time of rebuilding…

But first, the Blizzard:

Archaic Man: Elders/Daughters: 2 Hunters: 4

Neanderthal: Elders/Daughters: 3 Hunters: 8

Cro-Magnon: Elders/Daughters: 3 Hunters: 8

Now the two Wanderlust figures actually mean something.  I can put two Green cubes into any tribe I want.  Eh, I’ll just put one in each, I don’t see either of them hurting for help right now.

While the daughter probably does the most good for Cro-Magnon, he’s got a lot on his plate already, so I’ll give it to Neanderthal to jump start his growth.  Also a husband might not be a bad idea since he already needs 6 hunters to not lose something to a Blizzard.


And here’s how I did my hunt.  You see Cro-Magnon going for Big Game here, while Archaic Man is just trying to get some numbers back.  Neanderthal is trying again with Swearing Woman, but is contesting with Cro-Magnon.  In the end someone will marry this woman so Cro-Magnon, at least, will have her powers.


Wow, Neanderthal was successful in wooing the Swearing Woman this time!  Archaic Man also rolled way too well (2,2,2,1) and got some yummy Chamois meat.  Cro-Magnon was rejected again by the Wisent, mising success by one.  Neanderthal grabbed every Sabertooth Salmon out of the water, getting the benefits, and a new Trophy card.  I didn’t really think that last one through enough, methinks.

In Phase 6, both Cro-Magnon and Archaic Man stick a disc in their brains so that they have one of each color up there, and Neanderthal uses his current knowledge to mature the Housewife.  I’m getting kind-of close to going tribal, so I may start sprinting that way, but some badly timed chaos could throw a wrench into that.  But we’ve made a lot of headway today.


Headway?  Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Wakka wakka!


Sometimes I bore myself