Welcome back!  It seems like years since I last saw you!

Anyway, we’re on the (semi-)frozen lands of Greenland with our (mostly-)evolved humans.

Greenland 2nd editionMap

You’ll see the layout is very similar to Neanderthal.  Some differences you have to take note right away:  All hunting “successes” are 1’s and 2’s when there are on the right side of the draw deck-the warm side.  When they move to the left side (due to events), then only 1’s succeed.  There are no animals with only 1’s on them or anything like that in this version.

You’ll notice on the North cards, all the icons have yellow and green backdrops, while the Southland has Red (and presumably should be Red and Blue) backdrops.  That’s because in Greenland, you can’t just hunt anywhere.  You have to stick around your “Home.”  The Norse (and Sea Sami) have to Hunt in the South, while the Thule and Tunit hunt in the North.  They can break that rule using animals and daughters that have the sled icon, along with Mariner Elders.  Elder abilities are also extremely different.  Let’s zoom in:


First, you’ll see they’re different depending on which tribe you play.  The only difference was starting brain disc in Neanderthal, but there are more differences between each player in this one.  Let’s take a good look here.

Elder 1 – Chief – Prevents Chao….wait, it’s called DECIMATION in this one.  Yeah, because there are a bunch of different kinds of Decimation (including venereal disease…ew), and they all do the same thing as Chaos in the last game, but Decimation is a much more fun word, so I’ll try to remember to use it during this game.

Elder 2 – Shaman – The Tunit gains a reroll on any 3’s while fishing, and all may domesticate an animal, Burn a Witch (kill an elder, you’ll see why you may want to do that later) or Banish an elder from another tribe from proselytizing over here.

Elder 3 – Artisan, Blacksmith, Crafter, Sage – Hand size and make Inventions (and a reroll on Crafting for Norse).

Elder 4 – Warchief – Similar to Warrior from Neanderthal.

Elder 5 – Tracker – Allowed to treat one hunting card on the Cold side as if it were on the Warm side (2s would succeed)

and finally

Elder 6 – Mariner – Each one can bring up to 4 hunters to the New World!

Ah, so there’s two things in those descriptions that also show a difference: You can have more than one Elder in all slots except 1 and 4 (Chiefs tend to get upset when you set up a “Co-Chief”).  And there’s a New World to move to as Colonists!


One is North and one is south.  There are big rewards for having colonists here, and they are the only cards where multiple players can succeed and reap those rewards.  However, if more than six cubes reside on those cards, they flip over:


Now it’s much easier to die there.  Apparently the natives don’t like it when you try to take over their land.  Who knew?

I can’t think of any other big changes off the top of my head to the basic game, so let me tell you about the solitaire game.  The goal of the game is NOT DIE.

That should be easy to remember.

So here are the changes for solitaire play:

1) Global Cooling- If it happens on the first turn, ignore it.  Afterwords, it counts as cooling AND Decimation.  Because Phil hates me.

2) During Phase 3, I can swap discs and Inventions between tribes.  We’re friendly traders!

3)Everything burns!  We can use White and Black discs as if they were Orange (but not vice versa)

4)We’re using the tougher Survivalist rules (which are recommended for playing solo).  I really shouldn’t, but I’m doing it anyway.

a) Alphas give you an automatic roll of 2, not 1 (so they’re only good on the Warm side, or with Trackers)

b) You can’t use Iron to buy off killed hunters (You normally can spend a black disc before your roll to say “No matter what I roll, no one will die on this hunt”).

c)No matter how a card gets into my hand, it is never replaced.  This place freezes fast.

Let’s get moving, and dying.


Okay, first event:  On top you see the familiar turn order symbology:  Yellow first, Green second, Red third.

Then our first symbol means 1 Mariner dies in every tribe.  I don’t have any so, um, yay?  Next we have (dun dun DUNNNN) Decimation.  Each tribe without a Chief loses half their Hunters and an Elder.  Just by happenstance the Norse have a Chief (and in a normal game, everyone would start with a Chief), so they’re fine, but the other two tribes already get smacked around.  Good news is the Tunit have Salia:


Which you see there shows all elder deaths are reduced by one.  Except that’s when it’s a Fuel/Elder loss…not Decimation.


Okay, so 3 dead Tunit and 2 dead Thule.  They have no Elders to lose, so on to the next icon, THAT’S the Fuel or Elder loss.  That means “For each Elder you have, either spend(discard) an Orange disc or kill the Elder.”  The only one affected by this is the Norse who has 5 fuel right now, so happily spends it not to kill anyone yet.  Finally, since there’s a boat on the card, that means we have the ability to trade (auction) for the other half of the card:


A hammer.  Jeez, it seems almost like I HAVE to have the Norse with a hammer, right?  But let’s look at it:  it means you treat 3’s as 1’s on crafting cards (the New World and a few hunting cards, like the Cape York Meteorite) and you get to reroll 6s on all fights, which probably won’t come up.

In order to get this, you have to give up white discs, and since all the tribes are friends, I just have to have one tribe give up one white disc.  I’m going to go with the Tunit, because both the Thule and Norse can reroll 4s on Crafting if they employ a Sage Elder, so having more abilities with rerolls should help.

Oh, and if you’re curious, the other icon means “You can ditch this card and gain a black disc”.  You know, you can melt it down for iron.

So let’s get hunting.


So, Thule only has 3(!) Hunters, and they can only hunt up North unless I make some Elders, which seems a bit presumptuous at the moment.  I think I’m just going to put all three on the Little Auk and get a baby.  Hopefully.  The Tunit is in the same boat, but with 4(!) Hunters.  I can go for the Husky there, which will also get a baby, and the possibility for a domesticated animal.

Now the Norse actually have Hunters (5+Alpha) and Elders (Chief + BlackSmith).  Unfortunately, unless I send people to Vinland (which would require making a Mariner), I can’t use my bonus for having the Blacksmith.  I’ll send them all to the Caribou and hope for a few more Hunters to appear, and then I can go for all those great inventions next turn.

*rollroll* <-I think this might become a signature thing of mine

The Tunit succeeded in getting some Husky meat and increase the size of their tribe by 1.  The Thule fail to take down an Auk.  They are heard saying “Auk Shucks.”  The Norse succeed in taking down a huge Caribou, and realizing taming them would result in annoying kids asking them if they could fly, so they decide to leave them wild.

In the next phase, the Norse feed their cattle, creating yet 2 more Hunters.

And nothing can happen in phase 6, because only one tribe has Elders, and the Norse have nothing to build.

And there you have it, the beginning of our game of Greenland.  Stay tuned for more blubber, and dealing with this event card: