Now where was I?

Oh yeah, I was starving and freezing to death on the island of Greenland.


I had just pulled the next event, so we have to deal with that:


First is a cooling event.  Which moves cards over to the left side of the hunt deck, making those cards only succeed on rolls of 1.  In solitaire, it ALSO causes Chaos.  I mean, Decimation.  Which AGAIN hits our Thule and Tunit tribes.  Uh oh, the Tunit are down to 1 hunter, and the Little Auk were moved to the cold side.

Auk Shucks indeed.

Next is the death of a mariner in each tribe.  No mariners to die, so there’s that.  Finally the elder death or food discarding per elder.  Only the Norse have elders (2), but they only have one orange disc, but in solitaire, you can use any disc as orange, so they burn a black disc as well to pay for their elders.

Greenland 2nd editionMap

So this is what it looks like right before two Tribes die, methinks.

So I send my one Thule out Husky hunting as it’s the only thing that’s really worth it right now.  The two Tunit go for the Caribou on the off chance that I roll 4 or less on 2d6.    The Norse actually have options, though.  Food/Fuel is going to become a problem at some point, feeding his cattle, so I burn one disc (white this time) to promote a Mariner and I send 4 cubes to Markland.  Just one success there gets me a baby and 4 Orange discs.  The other five I send out to the cute little bearded seal.

I don’t club them.  I cuddle them to death.  I swear.  We’re totally kind to the animals in this game.


Anyway, let’s see if we can live one more turn:


Neither the Thule nor Tunit were successful.  The Norse succeeded in both rolls, and only one Colonist on Markland died at the hands of natives.  Those Norse should become a thriving civilization, but it’s not looking good for my game here, I have 10 turns to go without dying!

So the Cattle get fed and help the Norse and we move on to the next turn.


Welp, guess I can’t reinforce the Markland peeps.  And I have to roll for Elder death.

Which kills the Norse’s Mariner because Greenland hates me.  And then there’s Chaos if you have 11 or more hunters in your tribe.  And you know how many hunters the Norse have?  11!  Because F&(&* YOU ADAM!  GREENLAND WANTS YOU DEAD! AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT!

Of course, I still have my chief, so I can look back at the game with a twinkle in my eye and say “Settle down, game.”

And then the game makes things colder.  Luckily if there’s already a chaos event, the solitaire cold+chaos doesn’t trigger again, otherwise that’d hurt.  But the cold isn’t good as the Polar Bear and Bearded Seal head over to the Cold Side.

So I have the Thule try for the Huskey’s again.  The Tunit go to raid the Norse’s Cattle for a change.  If they roll a 1, they’ll get 2 babies, but a roll of 3 will kill one of them.  It’s a bit of a risk, but for a better reward.  And their hammer lets them reroll 6s.  *shrug*  I’m grasping at straws here.

I promote a hunter to become a Tracker, so I can treat one card on the cold side as if it were warm, and then send 5 Hunters to get the Hooded Seal, and another 5 to try and get the Wooden Maps invention.  Best to tech up while I have the manpower to spread around.


So the Norse succeeded in Markland and on the Hooded Seal, but failed to learn about maps.  The Thule and the Tunit failed on their rolls…and not only that, but the Tunit rolled a 3 on their raid, so now THEY are down to 1 hunter as well.  I knew it would be tough after starting behind the 8-ball due to the Neanderthal game but YIKES this is tough.

Little cattle action and lets see if the next card ends us;


Huh.  Decimation if you have more than 8 hunters.  Well, the Norse certainly do, but they still have a Cheif.  And two elder deaths, let’s see:  Woof.  Said chief just died.  Good thing the icons weren’t the other way around.  The last icon is “Southern Migration.”  It’s similar to the Global Cooling and Warming from Neanderthal.  We move the lowest climax numbered animal in the South and replace it with a new card.  So we lose an invention and it’s replaced by….AWWWWWWWW:


Commence cuddling!

And on the warm side!  Good news for our flailing tribes!  In the solitaire games, all tribes share Mariner and sled limits, so we can borrow the Norse boats to have our Northern Tribes to come south and c……uddle these things.

So this time, I send the Tunit against the Huskey, the Thule against the Harbor Seal (the Thule have the Daughter Krimia which allows you to reroll 4s against small prey), and for the Norse, I promote a Chief and two Mariners.  I then send 6 against the Bearded Seal and 4 against learning the Map again.

C’mon cuddling!


*sigh* More failure for the Thule and Tunit.  The Norse failed on their Seals and managed to find out that the Seal is extinct, gaining the card as a trophy.  They did manage to get the Map into their hand, though.  Their Colonists succeeded on their roll, but then were slaughtered, leaving only one Colonist left.  Even with the reroll on 3s!

I don’t have a Shaman yet to play the Invention, but maybe I have a next turn to actually play one!

OH, one thing I forgot to mention was the “auction” at the end of the event phase for the axe!  I gave it to the Thule, and they may use it for another livestock raid against the Norse.  You get to change 3s to 1s with that card, meaning they won’t get killed in the raid!  So anyway, next turn.


And there you have it.  That Decimation icon would wipe out the last Hunter for both the Thule and Tunit, ending the game for me.

(Sad Trombone)

Greenland 2nd editionMap

Probably not the best representation of Greenland you’ll find as there wasn’t much interaction between the Tribes.  You’ll often find, even in  high conflict games, or even in solitaire games, Exomagy (or marriage between the tribes) is a BIG FREAKING DEAL and the shrinking hunting grounds as the game continues is a hell of a stresser, making interactions with your fellow players a goldmine of friendship enders.  And in Solitaire, it’s a nice little puzzle figuring out the best possible way to mitigate the dice and find the ideal situations to have all 3 tribes survive….only to find the game laugh in your face and kill you off anyway.

And it has cute seals.

Anyone else just get “Kissed by a Rose” stuck in their head?

Welp, I hope you enjoyed this, I think I’m going to play something a bit more brainless for the next game, as I played High Frontier and Bios: Genesis over the weekend and my grey matter hurts.

Thanks for reading!