Um.  Sorry I’ve been gone so long.

See, some of the crux of me writing this blog is my enthusiasm for these awesome new games I’m stumbling on and my desire to show the world how awesome they are.  I also want to take more difficult games and break them down so that those who may be having trouble learning them can see a step-by-step playthrough of the whole game.  High Frontier was the beginning of that, and I don’t anticipate that it will be the end.

But, you see, I made a kind of promise at the beginning of last month.  I made it both to the 1 Player Guild on Boardgamegeek.com and to my wife, so it’s pretty ironclad.  I promised not to purchase another game (and really any other frivolous purchase) until September 12th, 2018 (one day after my birthday).

Therefore, I have no new games.

I appreciate your sympathy.

Of course, I have plenty of older games I could write about, not to mention PnP games I could make: but looking at past posts on these type of games: No One Cares.  Readership falls to single digits to games like Deep Future or 5150.  I guess I’m just not entertaining enough to read about games people are not interested in.

It makes it a bit difficult to put the work into blogging about an older game I may love due to that.

But I have a few ideas.  Some of the games are newer (one is very new, actually), so here we go.  There will be a poll at the end:


Mistfall: A fantasy card game of heroes and butt kicking.  Icon-heavy and some people think it’s complicated, so it may need a very wordy treatment, but it’s already gotten a lot of love out there in the internet, so I’m probably too late.  I love this game, though.


John Company: VERY VERY new game from Sierra Madre Games.  One of the reasons I don’t immediately do this is because I don’t want to be the “Sierra Madre Blog.”  Also, the solitaire mode that comes with the game only shows off about 30% of what the game offers, so I’m trying to invent a co-op style game that gives you a goal to shoot for that both your families have to score.  I’m still playtesting to see what kind of points/money you can typically get through play.


Fields of Fire: Again, an older game that’s received a lot of helping love out there in internet land.  And one that I also KNOW that I don’t play correctly but I still have a hell of a fun time playing.  I may end up enraging more people than entertaining because I mess up rules, hence why I don’t immediately try this one.


I’ve already done it’s older brother: The Dambuster Raid.  Should I do another game that plays a bit similar?  It tells a completely different story and has a whole lot of different choices to make, but will it just bore everyone?


I was reticent to do another RPG since the last one was so difficult, but this game is much more structured and actually DESIGNED to be played solitaire.  I didn’t get many hits on Our Last Best Hope, but maybe more Sword & Sorcery is desired.

So, what do you want to see?

EDIT: JEEZ! Apparently wordpress doesn’t let me use outside polling frames on their sites and I need an upgraded account to use any of their poll stuff, so I guess you’ll just have to vote in the comments.

Craaaap. Sorry all.