Of the 17 people who seem to be subscribed to the blog and felt like it, we got one response to my question.
Of course, if I could have put up a poll where you just clicked on a thing rather than having to log in and type things and try to sound smart on the internet, I’m sure I would have gotten more…but c’est la vie.

EDIT: So now I’ve taken the time to look at the old poll link.  TWENTY ONE people voted on it!  I didn’t think that would happen!  Luckily it still makes the rest of this post relevant.


So it looks like I shall do a very wordy playthrough of Fields of Fire.

Hoooo boy.

Fields of Fire is a ’10’ for me. The stories it creates are some of my most memorable. The game is designed to make you feel like a commander of three squads of troops, and boy do you. You are given the responsibility of the lives of dozens of men, and each one you feel a direct connection to after a few games. Heck, you almost feel like writing letters to mothers and wives when you have to put down a casualty chit.


His name was Earl and he had two kittens. *sniff*

But this comes at a cost. A 64 page rulebook is available for the 2nd edition, though I personally haven’t read it. I know all of your red flags have gone up, but to be honest: I’ve played the game a dozen or so times, and I HAVE FUN.

FUN DAMMIT. That’s why we play games, right?

It’s also solitaire, so who is going to tell me I’m doing it wrong?


Now sure, it makes it hard to compare experiences if you’re not playing by the same rulesets (What do you mean Vietnam didn’t have flying unicorns?), but many MANY of the rules issues “fixed” in the 2nd edition were edge cases or special events that came up only a small percentage of the time. Also, the base rules are incredibly intuitive and based in reality. So, for me, when an edge case comes up, I merely do what makes sense and move on. If later on I see I did that rule wrong, well, I’ll do it right from now on, but I’m not going to kick myself for getting it wrong in the first place.


So, as I set this game up (and I forgot to bring the stuff with me to work, so we’ll have to wait a bit), please keep in mind you will be reading a very IMPERFECT wordy playthrough of Fields of Fire.

I don’t mind if you point out rules errors in the comments, just please be kind about it. No one is intellectually superior for knowing more rules than someone else. They just remember certain information better. You still forget where you put your keys sometimes, so cram it.

Also, you will be seeing the playthrough of Mission 2 of the Korea campaign. I’ll do this for a number of reasons:

1) 99.999999% of the playthroughs online are Mission one of the Normandy campaign (there are 3 campaigns in the box, Normandy, Korea and Vietnam). Why do another one?
2) I recently restarted my Korea campaign after losing after Mission 3.
3) I recently finished Mission 1 with a fairly good success, so why not see a slightly more experienced army go against a slightly more experienced enemy?


So anyway, I’m sure you don’t want me to blather on without any actual game play, so I’ll shut up now.  Expect the first ghost when the bell tolls one.

I mean, expect the first post by Monday or so.