One turn down.  I have seven more to finish our patrol.  So far some mortar rounds had our scout forces dig in, but nothing else much happened.  So let’s continue, shall we?

Now that we’re starting turn 2, we get to see if Battalion Command sticks their nose into our business.  Before we start doling out Commands, we have to check to see if they call in and give us an Event to deal with.  Yup, random event tables.  As if there wasn’t enough already going on.  But don’t worry, they don’t come up often.

Now I know you were all thinking I said that because I clearly flipped a card that gave me a random event.  Ha!  Fooled you!  I didn’t!  The ol’ switcheroo!  It’s going to be a normal turn, so let’s get our Commands, though again 1st Platoon is really our only important target at the moment.

  • CO HQ draws 4 (+2 for 6) Activates 1st & 2nd Platoon.  Saves rest (Max 6)
  • 2nd Platoon draws 4(+2 for 6) Just needed to save 1 for Max 6
  • 1st Platoon draws 2(+2 for 4)
  • The rest will draw during the Initiative impulses

So I have 4 Commands to work with, which isn’t bad given that’s the max a Veteran commander can dish out at night.  1st Platoon also has 2 saved Commands, so even if I spend them all, a bad draw later on won’t cripple me.

So I’ll burn 2 Commands to do a “Platoon move to adjacent card” action and have everyone march up the embankment.  That puts them ALL under an Exposed marker, which is dangerous, but since the Mortar attack is done, there’s no reason for me to expect more enemy fire.

I then move the commander down into the cover that our poor boys are cowering under and “Attempt to Rally” them.  It is an automatic success to remove the Pinned marker because there is no VOF (Volley of Fire) marker on the card.  The guys don’t hear any more Mortars coming down and their commander walks over to them, so they are willing to lift their heads out of the muck.  Yes, if I waited until the end of the turn the Pinned marker would have naturally gone away, but I wanted to remove it so I could Rally them further this turn.

So I use my last Command to Rally them from a Paralyzed Team to a Litter Team.  It’s Automatic again since there’s no VOF, so they are now considered a Litter Team, which means they still won’t run forward into combat since they’re still shaken from the bombs dropping, but they would run forward if it meant grabbing a fallen buddy.  They’re getting there.


So this is what our Patrol looks like now.  We have 1st Platoon hanging out on a cratered embankment, while Sarge is down in a trench talking to the scouts for a bit about what happened.  Not an eventful turn, but there you go.

So now the folks who weren’t activated go.

  • 1st Sgt and XO don’t pull cards but just gain 1 command if they aren’t activated.
  • 3rd Platoon draws a 2 (-1, +1), but is already at max commands for a Green unit at night.

Now for general initiative.  I draw a 2.  I’ll Rally our Litter Team again.  Again, it’s automatic.  And hey, I have one more Command, so why not make them into an Assault team again, so they can scout into the next card.  I mean, they’re still jerks, so get out there and patrol, dangit!  So I do that and then move them from out of the Cover to get ready for next turn’s movement.

Now on to the enemy’s turn.  There is one added step now that we’re on turn 2, we also check for an enemy’s random event.  Sometimes even bad guy’s Battalion Commanders get annoying.  No luck this time, and since there aren’t any enemy units on the board or any potential contacts to resolve, that ends the turn.  I remove the Exposed Markers and we’re set to go into turn 3.  Easy-peasy!

So, of course, we start turn 3 with a random event from my Battalion Commander.  Neato.


There’s 6 different possibilities, based on a 1-10 “roll,” so I pull another card and pick event # 5 – Artillery Busy Elsewhere: No artillery available this turn.

Now I’m wondering if that mortar fire was from MY OWN SIDE and now they’re being yelled at.  Oooooo, they need such a slap.

But now we move on to commands.  It’s a lot of pulls for not a lot of reason since, again, 1st Platoon is all that’s important, so I’ll do that behind the scenes.

So 1st Platoon ended up with 7 Commands!  Even if I spend all I’m able to, I’ll still be able to save quite a bit.  Awesome.  So, of course, command one is sending my Assault team along the patrol route to the second location.  I’ll then have a squad Seek Cover on the Embankment.  You can never have too much Cover, and this will stay for the other two patrol missions, so it’s a good idea to have at the ready.

2 of the 3 cards show cover, so I have another bush to hide under.  I put the squad there along with a MG team.  There’s a pretty good view from up there, so I may just stick them there for the rest of the patrol.  Sadly since Patrols are much more reactive than active, I think that’s all I’ll do until we see if anyone reacts to our marching into that Village.  So a few more card flips and I’ll see if we get any General Initiative to get our scouts into cover before the enemy goes.

Sadly I pulled a ‘1’ for General Initiative, so no luck there.  I guess they think all the houses are enough.  Here’s hoping.  So let’s go to the enemy segment.

And since there’s nothing to do but flip the Potential Contact, let’s see what it is.

a B!  Of COURSE it is, so that means it’s an automatic contact.  Let’s see what it is.  #10 – Incoming Heavy Mortars.


There’s one called Incoming Heavy Mortars?  I think this scout team can take a break now.  And you know what, if this is our own frickin’ Mortars again, someone needs a stern talking to in our artillery corp.  I’m going to write a letter!


You can’t see from this picture, but the spotter in the field in the upper-right has a -5 modifier on him.  So these are some seriously large explosions.  The first were from 82mm Mortars.  These are 120mm Mortars.  Big-bada-boom.

The Spotter is hidden, so even though my whole platoon could open fire on him, again the bombs are going to drop and then the enemy will clear the board, making things kind of boring for me.  At least I’ll be able to patrol the board fairly simply.  But first, let’s calculate the damage.

The Mortars are a -5 modifier.  We have another -2 for the soldiers being exposed for a -7.  The Village provides +2 cover, and the cover of night provides another +2.  The net is -3.  Another card flip, another hit.  And yet again, if it was -2, it merely would have been a Pin.

Of course.

This time, the letters under “Line” show “PC”.  This doesn’t mean they turn into a personal computer.  This means that if the unit has multiple steps, the first one turns into a Paralyzed unit, and the next turns into a Casualty.  Luckily we only have one, so

yet again

they are merely paralyzed.  Of course, CAN YOU FREAKING BLAME THEM?

So I clean things up by removing some Exposed markers and removing the Incoming and Spotter chits since they’re not hanging around.  So the end of turn 3 looks a lot like the end of turn 1.


I only have a little bit of time left, but I figure I’ll start turn 4.


No event and I have plenty of Commands, so I send 1st Platoon down into the Village.  I leave the remnants of 1st Squad in the cover with a MG team on the Embankment to keep their eyes open.  I use my other 2 Commands (it costs 2 to move an entire Platoon) to remove the Pinned token and turn our Assault team to a Litter team.

With my one General Initiative, I have a squad find some cover in the village.  Urban cover is a bit different (see the little house under the ‘3’ on the Village card?).  When you find cover there (which I did), you pull another card on a chart to see what kind of cover you manage to scrape together.  You might find a pile of crates which is another Cover +1 chit, or you might find a shed which will get you a Building +2 chit.  Or, like I did this time, you could get a nice stone/brick building at get the Strong Building +3 chit.    Booya.

And there’s no event in the Enemy phases, so I’m able to skip right to the cleanup phase (which I found a button for!  No more manual removal of Exposed markers!) and end turn 4.

So what’s the worst that will happen?  Nothing and I bore the hell out of you.  But I’m now officially through half of the mission.  All I have to do is get a unit to the Objective and then get my units back to Row 2.  No big deal.  I’m not going to bother to send the jerks who apparently drew a giant mortar target on their helmets, and if I get lucky, it should only take a turn or two to get this all squared away.  This hasn’t been the most exciting game, but if I were just playing this and not typing so damn much, I could probably have run through all this in like 15 minutes.  Things can (and will) get MUCH more complicated.  So stay tuned.


Continued here.