The clouds prepare for battle
In the dark and brooding silence
Bruised and sullen storm clouds
Have the light of day obscured
Looming low and ominous
In twilight premature
Thunder heads are rumbling
In a distant overture…

All at once, the clouds are parted
Light streams down in bright unbroken beams…

Follow men’s eyes as they look to the skies
The shifting shafts of shining weave the fabric of their dreams…

I make no apologies.  Let’s just move on and play the game.

Now on turn 5 I split off another Assault team and move them onto our Objective.  Unfortunately I know that it will be an automatic contact since all the chits there are A’s or B’s, so something will happen to those poor guys, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

So I have my MG team look for cover in the Village and find a light building they can hole up into and maybe help out.  I use my last Command to turn the Litter Team to a Fire Team so if we have to shoot, our Mortar Targets (that’s what we’re going to name these three guys) can fire, too.

I get one command for General Initiative, so I obviously have my scouts look for cover.  I’m sorry, “Seek Cover.”  Luckily one of the 3 cards provides, so they manage to find something to hide under in that gully.  So it’s the enemy’s phase now, so let’s see what our enemy chit says.  It’s yet another ‘B’, so we’ll be pulling on the same table.  Again.

Hence the title of this blog post.

However, things change here as I pull a ‘9’ which is labeled as ‘Patrol.’  Well what do you know, both parties run into each other.  Surprise!


The neat thing about this is that no shots are going to be fired at this point.  The enemy does not have the drop on us.  They caught us as we were ducking into the gully and we spotted them as they were ducking into their fox holes.  As soon as the Cleanup Phase finishes and the new turn starts, the two chits will start exchanging fire.  Of course, the Assault Team can’t fire out of the card, so it will just start receiving fire from the squad, but there ya go.

Unfortunately due to darkness, those fellas on the Embankment can’t see the enemy.  Dang.

So now we start turn 6 like this:


We added a chit to show that fire is coming from those rocks down into the Gully and the level of the fire is “Small Arms” which provides a modifier of +0.  Not deadly, but awfully annoying.

So, in order to complete the mission, soldiers that arrived on Obj 1, have to return to Row 2, so I would need to make the scouts come back.  However, if I Secure the Primary Objective card, I get a bonus 5 points.  You do that by having a good guy on the card without having any bad guys or potential contact markers on the card.  Even though there’s a VOF on the card, it still counts right now.  However, it’s just as likely that the Patrol charges forward Grenades a-blazing, so forcing them back can secure those points for me. And it’s much more exciting for a blog…

But wait!  Friendly Higher HQ Event.  #10.  It starts raining!  Which is….good?  Maybe?  It provides another +2 modifier to all combat.  Which is good for defense, but is annoying for trying to chase this patrol off.

Okay, I have my 4 commands to spend.  I’d love to get my guys out of the buildings to back up our scouts, but then I wouldn’t be able to move any command into the Gully.  Can I rely on General initiative?  Okay, first thing’s first, I hand a flare to our Fire Team.  It’s just for illumination, but if I shoot it over the enemy, the folks on the embankment will be able to open up on them, which I need to get everyone out of there.  So I spend 2 commands to send the Fire Team and one Bazooka team into the Gully.  Since the shooting has already begun, I ask them to “Infiltrate” the card, which means they make a pull and if they find the picture of the sneaky looking soldiers, then they won’t get Exposed markers, which is mighty useful.

Only the Bazooka team succeeded, so our Fire Team….wait….THOSE DAMN HELMETS AGAIN!  Of COURSE THEY’RE EXPOSED! *facepalm*

Actually, I’m going to risk using a Exhort Command.  That’s something you can do after failing a Command.  It lets you draw one more card and hope for what you need.  Maybe the Platoon Leader will be smart enough to switch helmets on these guys.  NOPE. *sigh*

I then grab everyone out of their buildings in the Village so I’m mobile for next turn.

I got one Command for General Initiative.  I could have my bazooka team take a shot at the Patrol, OR, I could have the Mortar Targets fire their flare so that everyone can see the bad guys and their silly uniforms.  Maybe not as silly as targets on their helmets, but I’m grasping at straws here.  So that’s what I decide to do.


Because of that Illumination (which you can see on the lower right of the card) first it negates 1 of the environmental cover bonuses.  And it allows the guys on the embankment to see, so they are able to open fire, allowing me to upgrade the VoF token to Automatic weapons (-1) and since fire is now coming in from two different directions, I get to add the ‘Crossfire’ token which adds another -1 to the combat draw.  It ain’t a lot, but as we’ve seen before, a modifier of 1 can make all the difference.

It is now the Enemy’s turn, and we see what our little patrol does now that the weight of the US Army is upon them.  We check a nice little table that is given to us.  We look at the proper Hierarchy (Defensive) and Tactics (Hasty) and look down the table until we see which sentence proves to be true.  “Under fire from a different direction than its own PDF”  Yup, that’s true, so we’ll look under there.  Under there is a pull from 5 different possibilities, so let’s see what they do:

#4 – shift fire to other PDF.  Huh, so they start shooting at the Embankment.  Makes sense, when a machine gun opens up on you, I guess the rifles become less of a worry.

So now it’s the Combat Effects segment.  We can do this in any order, because it all happens at once, so it’s not like if we manage to rout the enemy we would suddenly not take any damage.  So let’s start with the Embankment.


The fire is coming straight from the North, which goes through the white border of the card.  That means the card provides the smaller cover bonus, which in this case is +0.  Dang.  Luckily they are under cover, so receive that +1.  They also receive +2 for it being night and another +2 for it raining.  So they are currently at +5, and given it is only Small Arms fire, +5 it shall be.  I’ll be pulling twice, once for the Machine Gun Team, and once for 1st Squad.

Both draws came up as Miss, so they are completely fine.  Looks like they are blind firing.  Good for me, bad for them.  The only other card receiving fire is the Korean patrol, so let’s pull for them.

The Rocky terrain provides a +1 cover bonus, and they are in foxholes which provides another +1.  Along with Night and Rain, that gives them +6.  However, there is fire coming in from two directions, lowering that to +5.  There is also automatic fire, which has a -1 modifier, so let’s drop that to +4.  Oh, the flare is lighting them up, so we drop that again to +3.

GAH!  I draw another miss (+2 was a Pin).  So it would seem the ground all around them is flying up, but we can’t get a really good bead on them in the rain.

In the clean-up phase I make sure to mark off one ammo for the Machine Gun team on the embankment (they have 6 ammo, so it shouldn’t mean anything, but I’m being fastidious), and I sadly have to remove the Illumination.  Since they can no longer see each other, the fire between the Embankment and Koreans automatically stops and fire shifts back to the Gully.

Not a long one today, but at least something happened.

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