Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around, and hurt you.

Yup.  Totally went there.

So it looks like getting those five extra experience points aren’t going to happen, and I only have 2 turns to get someone back from the Objective back home.  How do I do that?

Remember post #2?

Insert your own ‘Foomp’ and ‘Crackle’ sound effects.  So in one Command, my Platoon HQ just ordered anyone who can see that flare (which is everyone under his command) to move to his card.  That includes everyone from Obj 1.  That does mean no one will remain to Secure the card, but this move will assure I can fulfill the mission orders.

And I’ll simply use my remaining commands to put my units back together all nicely so we look good when returning home.  Someone get me a lint brush!

When we get to the Enemy Activity Check part of the round, we look at the chart and find the “Not Under Fire and no Enemy in LOS.”  In this case, we remove the Squad and place a Potential Contact Marker back into the card that caused the Squad to appear.  So no points for Clearing the card either.

But no worries on combat and I’m able to bring everyone home on the next turn.  Patrol #1 complete!  We let the higher ups know that a full squad of Koreans are poking around the front line and can give them vague numbers, and that’s all that we found.  No permanent installations to worry about or anything.  2nd Platoon is requested to Patrol the next night.

I gain experience based on this table:

  • Secure the Primary Objective Card: 5
  • Clear other cards on Rows 3 and 4: 1 per card
  • Capture enemy prisoners: 2 per step
  • Capture an enemy casualty: 1 per step
  • Perform a successful Grenade! Attack: 1 per attack
  • Complete HQ Event marked * that turn: 1 per event
  • Successfully evacuate a friendly casualty: 1 per casualty

Out of all of those, I only managed to Clear two cards in Row 3, so I gain 2 Experience points.  For Patrol missions, that experience is to be spent now, and only on soldiers that acted this time, so 1st Patrol can spend them.  It costs 1 point to change a squad from Green to Line and 3 points to change one from Line to Vet.  So it looks like I can change 3rd Squad to Line, and 1st Wpns (Bazooka) to Line as well.  Not a great gain, but it’s something.

Now I start over, only I move 2nd Platoon over to where 1st Platoon started last Patrol, and replace the Potential Contact Markers.  All saved Commands get reset, too.  Second verse, same as the first!  Let’s see how different this one will go!

Shuffle…shuffle…shuffle (I can’t do my patented roll…roll…roll saying with this game!)

Our first difference is that on the Embankment, we actually flipped a Potential Contact ‘C!’  That means rather than getting an automatic Contact, we flip 4 cards (when you have no contact) and see if the word “Contact” shows up.  As shocked as I am, it showed up on my first card, so I’ll be drawing on Contact chart ‘C.’  And before I draw, I’m just going to let you know, #1-3 is Incoming Mortars and 9-10 is Incoming Heavy Mortars.

How did they paint their helmets today?

Pull: 9



It’s like I’m playing a completely different game, isn’t it?  Welp, that changed them to a Litter team and added yet more craters to this Embankment.  You would think I could remove a Hill card since this thing has probably worn down to a nub at this point.

The Village also contained a Potential Contact ‘C’ chit.  And of the four cards, the last one contained ‘Contact.’  Of course it did.  But this time I pulled #8, which is a Patrol.  Similar to last time, but this is right in the middle of our Patrol route.  And guess where they are?


That’s right, 3 steps worth of enemy right on our Objective.  Things just got interesting.