Oops. Sorry.

So there I am, commanding my Company in the heart of Korea, and suddenly I’m AWOL for 3 weeks.


I could tell you why, but it’s boring and has to do with the joys of months-end inventory and accounting.  Game-wise, it has to do with simply running out of steam due to the previous work-related drudgery.  I have the time now, but lack the desire.


I do want to come back to Fields of Fire, though, because I don’t think I’ve given it a fair shake.  Showing off a Patrol Scenario doesn’t show off what a “real” battle looks like, and I’m afraid many readers may have been underwhelmed (or at least regular whelmed) by the game.  The game is good.  Patrol scenarios…eh…not as much.  They are a necessary evil as they provide needed experience between the big battles.  They usually don’t take long, and I’ve heard of people who have skipped them and it’s done nothing to “ruin” the campaigns for them.

So I’ll do mission #3 somewhere down the line.  Just not next.

But I’m still pretty steamless, so it will be a bit before I dig into my next game.  Just wanted to acknowledge my poor performance here and extend my apologize.  Also want to just say “thanks” for reading all this.  It’s much appreciated.