Get it? Eh? EH?

Okay fine, but I’m a bit rushed here.  So for the first time, I was asked begged and pleaded to do a preview of this game while it was on kickstarter because, well, it JUST LOOKED SO DANG COOL.  Unfortunately I only got the idea to ask deep into the campaign, so I had to wait for the early prototype of a Vassal edition to be made so I could poke and prod at the pieces a bit.

That means the campaign is going to be over in 51 hours as I’m typing this!!!

So if you’re an undecided reader, I hope you can decide quickly, and I hope I can type even quicker than that.

Of course, I also have work and family obligations all between this, as well as learning the game, so expect many small posts flying online in the next two-three days as I try my hand at playing this delightful game of star-system exploration.  My goal is to take as many of the modules for a test drive as possible so you can see the WHOLE game in action.

To see a description of what the game is, check out the kickstarter page or the BGG page since they’ll do a much less wordy and better job than I will.

To set up, the Vassal module I have is not complete, so I will not be able to play with everything.  I do not, for example, have access to the ZSG cards, so I will have to generate my star systems using the Quick Zetta Cards.

I know, I’m disappointed too.  That seemed like the coolest part, but there’s still a good 25 or so different star systems to check out for starters, so I think I’ll be fine with that.

There’s also no Solitaire Bot incorporated (BOO!), nor the Energy levels for traveling for the other solitaire game (double boo!).  However, I’m going to pull something out of my very wordy butt to be able to play solo anyway, so no worries there.

Xenoarchaeology cards aren’t there yet, either.  Which isn’t so bad, I suppose, because typing that word a lot would get awfully cumbersome.

And, I suppose, since I’ll be doing the “solo survival” game (sort of), I guess I won’t be using the Warp or the Charting the Universe modules…

Sounds like I’m not using much, doesn’t it?

Not so!  I’ll be using the Equipment module: I’ll need to factor in using Stuff to do Things!  Alien Civilization module: Some lifeforms might join my crew! Trajectory module: Dynamic moving planets and more planning of where my ship is going! Perks module: Exoproducts do more stuff! Damage module: Risks and rewards!

That just goes to show you the number of ways you can customize your game into what you want it to be when it hits your table.  Stay tuned.  I’ll start describing how I’m going to do my version of the “Lost in Space” solo scenario next (when I get a chance).